What to Consider When Doing DIY Menu Planning for Fabulous Parties

What to Consider When Doing DIY Menu Planning for Fabulous Parties


Thinking of throwing a party or two in a span of a week at home? You know it’s difficult and expensive to hire catering services for each party. 

So what can you do to make sure you have delicious food for your guests every time you have a party at home? Prepare the food yourself! It’s not that difficult, especially when you know how to do menu planning and you have some help at home. 

Here are a few things to consider when doing DIY menu planning for fabulous parties at home:

How many guests?

With normal weekly family meal planning, you consider the number of meals you’ll be consuming for the whole week. The same goes for meal planning for a party — you have to consider how many dishes there will be so that you can buy in bulk, and make sure they’re going to last for all the parties. 

When is the party?

Another factor is the date and time of your parties. Early morning parties that occur before 10 in the morning are under the full breakfast rule. Hence, you’d have to prepare a full breakfast spread for your guests. The same applies to parties happening at noon or at 5 in the afternoon, as they will fall under full lunch and full dinner respectively. 

If you want to save a bit, you can choose to hold your party at around 10 AM (to before noon) or from 2PM (to just before 5PM) so you have an option to only serve light snacks. After-dinner parties are from 8PM onwards and you have a choice to serve light snacks or just desserts. 

Quantity or Variety?

If you can’t cook a lot of dishes, what you can do is to cook in bulk so that your guests can get full despite having just two or three dishes. 

On the other hand, if you can only come up with small servings of each dish, what you can do is serve up a bunch of dishes. Having a variety of dishes makes your guests eat less of each kind so they can try the other offerings. Hence, you can make them feel full with bits and pieces of each dish. 

When doing menu planning, make sure to consider that not every guest will fall for the small serving trick. Allot an allowance for those that will get seconds.


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Safety Tips For House Parties

Safety Tips For House Parties

Safety Tips For House Parties

Partying at your own home provides peace of mind that you don’t have to go out of your comfort zone to socialize. But in doing so, you are inviting other people into your comfort zone and it does make you vulnerable. Here are some tips on how to stay safe when throwing parties at home. 

If you’re having an intimate party with just a few of your friends, then you should only worry about the safety of your guests. 

With a few friends

  • Get your electrical cords out of the way. Avoid people tripping from cords (and other items) by putting these in a safe place. 
  • Don’t overload outlets. Have multiple quality extension cords.
  • Make sure drinking water is easily accessible. Same goes for a first aid kit. 
  • Set up a safe place where people can sleep and pass out. It’s not to encourage them but it’s better to assign a room, just in case. If some of your guests can’t drive home and they can’t arrange a ride, you can have them sleepover in the designated room. 
  • Additionally, have a secure place for guests with valuable belongings like car keys and wallets. 
  • Secure and shut off your stovetops tight. A drunk person could try to cook and suddenly cause a fire. 
  • If you’re going to be grilling, if possible, do this outdoors. 


With many guests

But if you’re hosting quite a large number of people, with mere acquaintances attending, it’s best to keep yourself, and everyone else, safe. 

Since you own the house where the party is held, set some ground rules and make sure party attendees are aware of them. Keep yourself safe by assigning some friends to help you keep the peace. 

  • Ask friends to help identify party crashers. These people might not just be there for the food and booze. You don’t want to risk them taking your valuable stuff.
  • If it’s going to be a huge party, it’s better to have a single entrance so you can see who and what goes in and out. 
  • Try to stay sober. No matter how fun the party is, staying sober means you could check on your friends as well as make sure everything is under control. 
  • Secure Children and pets in a safe place so they don’t accidentally ingest dangerous food or liquid. 


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How To Uninvite Guests to Your Party

Signature Event Rentals - How To Uninvite Guests to Your Party

How To Uninvite Guests to Your Party 

A creepy co-worker got invited to your party. A possible stalker-slash-party-crasher found your party details. You suddenly had a falling out with a friend. People who get on your nerves self-invited themselves to your party. 

There are a lot of possible reasons you might want to un-invite someone to your party. However, as much as you want to tell them to their face that they are not welcome, you feel like there might be some other way to do so. 

Sad to say, but there isn’t really a good way to uninvite someone without hurting their feelings. Most likely they’ll be on to you or have an idea of what’s going on. While it’s best to tell them the truth, it is understandable that you’d want to try to not ruffle any feathers. 

You have three options to deal with this dilemma: to lie, to tell the truth, or to cancel the party. Whatever you choose will have both pros and cons, and it’s a matter of how ready you are in dealing with the consequences of your decision.

Option 1: Tell the truth.

It might strain your relationship with the unwanted person, the truth will set you both free. 


  • The unwanted person will have no choice but to accept that he isn’t invited.
  • There is no need to be afraid of a lie backfiring, or a need to come up for more lies. 


  • You’ll surely hurt the unwanted person’s feelings. 
  • If it’s a crappy relative, you’d probably never live it down.

Option 2: Lie.

Here’s a sample scenario: If the unwanted person is an acquaintance, claim that a very close friend was suddenly available and that it’s too late to add another seat to the table. You can also claim to be downsizing because too many people are planning to show up and the venue can’t handle it.


  • This lessens the blow on the unwanted person’s feelings. 


  • Provided that the person-to-be-uninvited bites, it could backfire if he finds out the truth from other people. Say he saw a picture of someone else in social media having fun at your party, or someone invited (who had no idea of the situation) tells him about the party.
  • It is most likely to backfire if the person is inside your inner circle, like a family member in a family gathering or a co-worker in a party among officemates.

Option 3: Cancel or Postpone the party.

Not brave enough to tell the truth but afraid they’ll catch you in a lie? Just cut the problem in its roots. Cancel the party. 


  • If you cancel the party, there is no need to deal with the unwanted person.


  • It could be a hassle to move the date or to reschedule with your vendors. 
  • The only way postponing would work is if the unwanted person is busy on the new date.
  • Only really possible with small gatherings like a dinner party or a lunch out.


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6 Things to Consider When Renting a Dance Floor

When planning a party, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or another celebration, a dance floor is always a great addition. There is nothing like a dance floor to get the energy flowing and the good times rolling.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss things that you should consider when you are renting a dance floor. Will the dance floor fit into your space? Where should you place it? We are going to cover these questions and more.

If you live in Virginia or Washington DC and are interested in renting a dance floor for your next celebration, contact Signature Event Rentals. We carry dance floors, tables, chairs, and more. 

Where Will You Place the Dance Floor?

If you want to have a dance floor at your celebration, one of the first things to consider is where you will put it. You have to consider the size of the venue, whether it’s an inside or outside venue, and how much space is available.

You’ll also want to choose a location that is central to all of your guests. If a few guests begin to dance, others will be more likely to join in. You want a space that can be the center of your gathering so that everyone can watch and enjoy. 

The Lighting of the Dance Floor

Another factor you should consider when renting a dance floor is how you will light it. This may have an impact on where you place it as well. If you have an inside venue, you should place the dance floor under some lights to show it off. If you have an outside venue, you may want to consider renting some lighting as well. 

Does a Dance Floor Fit into the Budget?

A dance floor certainly adds an element of fun to your event, however, you’ll want to make sure that one fits into the budget. Dance floor rentals are usually available in a range of prices depending upon what the floor is made from, the appearance, and size.

The Size of the Dance Floor

Once you have decided where the dance floor will go, one of the other important things to consider is what size dance floor would be best. You want a dance floor that will fit into your space comfortably, but also one that will accommodate the number of guests you have invited. Ordering a large dance floor for only a few quests can make it seem empty while renting a small dance floor for a large number of guests can lead to not enough space. 

How Easy is the Dance Floor to Set Up?

If you are renting a dance floor, make sure you ask the rental company how easy the floor is to set up. You may be able to hire the company to deliver and set up your dance floor, however, most are designed with ease of set up in mind. 

How Many Guests Are Attending

When deciding on a dance floor, whether it is affordable, where to place it, and what size to rent, you’ll have to consider the number of guests that are attending your celebration. If you have a large number of guests, you will want to rent a larger dance floor, which will make the dance floor rental a bit more expensive. 

Having enough room on the dance floor for your guests is essential to everyone having a good time. You don’t want your guests to be waiting in line to dance. On the other side of things, you also don’t want to go overboard on the size of your dance floor. An oversized dance floor will take up space that you could be using for other activities, seating, or even a bar. Choosing the right size dance floor for the number of guests you’ve invited is crucial. 

Rent a Dance Floor from Signature Event Rentals

If you are looking to rent a dance floor for a celebration or special event in Virginia or Washington DC, look no further than Signature Event Rentals. We have dance floors available for outside or inside events. Our dance floors come in easy to put together sections that ensure you can have the dance floor just the perfect shape and size for your space. Contact us today to learn more about all of our party and event rentals. 

How To Clean Up After A Party At Home

party clean-up

How To Clean Up After A Party At Home

Enjoyed last night’s party with friends at your home? Now comes the hard part: the morning-after cleaning. You’d think cleaning up your home after a party is technically easy, but knowing how to clean efficiently and effectively is what’s more important. 

Here are some tips to remember when you have to clean up your home after last night’s party. 

  1. Gather your cleaning materials.

Doing so will avoid you having to rinse off the soap and wipe off each time you need an item. Also, should you need an item, it’s already accessible so you need not have to go looking everywhere for it since it’s already there.

Aside from a pail of water, bleach detergent, and scrub, make sure you have a pair of rubber gloves ready. It is also recommended to prepare a vacuum, stain remover stick and a few garbage bags. 

  1. Check even the unlikely, unusual spots.

Aside from picking up all the litter and leftovers, you have to check all the nooks and crannies of your house for food crumbs, and spilled liquid. While you might think it’s impossible for clutter and garbage to reach a certain area, it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that you get everything covered and cleaned. You wouldn’t want to risk a rat, roach, or ant infestation. 

Don’t forget to look (and clean) under the carpet, between the couch cushions and any other possible surface that a guest might have used. 

  1. Make sure that your bathroom is clean.

If you’ve ever seen a drunk person, you’ll know their aim when peeing deteriorates. Hence, your walls might have fallen victim to an unsolicited shower. Moreover, a guest could have peed on any other surface other than the bowl (you never know). So to be safe, you have to clean everything. Another thing is that most likely, you’ve run out of toilet paper, so don’t forget to restock. 

Bonus: Check your furniture, like wooden tables or any other wooden surface, for water rings, as guests might not have used coasters with their drinks. Additionally, search your carpet for stains that you might not have noticed immediately so that you can spot treat it as soon as possible.


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11 Rentals to Make Any Party More Fun

If you like to throw parties, then you know having the right activities, food, and atmosphere can make your party, the party. Whether you’re planning a children’s party or one for adults, you need to make sure that everyone will enjoy themselves. You don’t want people to be bored and just standing around, so you need to plan fun activities and events that your guests can partake in. 

In this blog post, we are going to discuss some party rentals that can make your party the one that everyone is talking about for years to come. Continue reading to learn more about fun party rentals that could be the perfect addition to your next party.

When you are ready to reserve your moon bounce, cotton candy machine, or dance floor, contact Signature Event Rentals in Virginia. We can help make your next party unforgettable with our party and event rental products. 

A Castle Moon Bounce

If you want to make your child’s next birthday party unforgettable, a moon bounce is the way to go. A moon bounce, or bouncy house as some call it, can be the perfect addition to any children’s party. It draws excitement and provides hours of fun. If you want something to keep the kids busy and smiling all afternoon, a moon bounce is the answer. 

With Signature Event Rentals in Virginia, you can have the moon bounce of your choice delivered right to your home for your child’s next party. You can choose from a princess castle, a jungle-themed castle, a sports-themed moon bounce or a neutral colored castle moon bounce

A Snow Cone Machine

A snow cone machine can make any summer party more exciting and fun. If you’re looking for a treat that will cool off your guests, a snow cone machine might be just the thing for your next party. Making snow cones is a simple process and your guests will love a cold treat on a hot summer day.

With the snow cone machine from Signature Event Rentals, you and your guests can choose your favorite flavors or mix and match for a fun new flavor. Everyone, kids and adults alike, will enjoy having a snow cone machine at the party. 

A Cotton Candy Machine

If you are looking for something exciting for your next party, a cotton candy machine could be just the thing. It’s fun to make and to eat! Imagine a children’s party, or even an adult’s party for that matter, with a cotton candy machine. You will have children and adults lining up for their favorite flavor.

You can rent a cotton candy machine in the Virginia and Washington DC area from Signature Event Rentals for a lot less than you think. Contact us today to reserve a cotton candy machine to make your next party unforgettable. 

A Popcorn Machine

Whether you are having a movie night, a children’s sleepover, or any other type of party or get together, a popcorn machine can make the occasion more enjoyable. You can pop some fresh, buttery popcorn and allow your guests to help themselves to a delicious treat.

The best part of renting a popcorn machine is that it is an affordable option that you and your guests will love. They also make the perfect addition to corporate events if you want to lighten the mood and have a little fun in between the work activities. Contact Signature Event Rentals to rent your popcorn machine today!

An Inflatable Game 

If you want to keep the kids occupied for hours at your child’s next party, an inflatable game is the way to go. They are a blast for birthday parties and can be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages. You can have competitions for prizes or just let your guests play for fun.

At Signature Event Rentals, you can choose from a basketball, football, or floating ball inflatable game. We will deliver it right to your yard or other party venue so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Simply set it up and plug it in for an afternoon full of fun. 

An Inflatable Obstacle Slide

Imagine for your child’s next birthday party — children racing through an inflatable obstacle slide — giggling and happy. Inflatable obstacle slides provide an entire afternoon of fun. You can create teams and have a relay race or just let the kids have at it on their own. 

You can have an inflatable obstacle course delivered right to your door for your child’s next birthday party or other celebration. Check our availability by contacting Signature Event Rentals.

A Dance Floor

Whether you are celebrating a wedding, birthday, or any other event, a dance floor can be a great addition to any party. Both adults and children love to get out on the dance floor and show off their moves, and when you provide them with a dance floor, you are encouraging just that. If you want to have an unforgettable party, a dance floor is a must.

Choose from a checkered black and white dance floor or a wooden one when you rent from Signature Event Rentals. You can choose from all different sizes, so whether your party is in a large spacious venue or a tiny backyard, we have a dance floor that will work perfectly for you. 

A PA System

If you want to DJ your own party and get guests excited and energized, a PA system rental is just what you need. PA systems also allow you to give a speech or hand out awards for a work function. 

If you are ready to rent a PA system, Signature Event Rentals offers a system that is perfect for music or speeches. Your every word will be heard with our PA system.

A Stage

A stage is a great addition to any party where you have either people giving speeches or a band that you want to be the center of attention. If you are celebrating a wedding and want everyone to hear the bachelor’s speech or a work event where you want to hand out awards, a stage is perfect.

Check out the stages offered at Signature Event Rentals so you can have a place for the band to play or to give a memorable speech of a lifetime. Contact us today for more information.

A Bar

The question here is, “what party wouldn’t benefit from a bar?” Whether you are providing drinks at a wedding or birthday, or want a place for the kids to grab a quick apple juice, a bar can make any party more fun. 

At Signature Event Rentals, our rental bar has plenty of space for bottles, glasses, or anything else you need to equip your bar with. Whether you have experience tending bar or are trying your hand in it for the first time, this bar is perfect for your next party. 

A Grill

If you are having an outdoor extravaganza for adults or children, a grill is a must-have. A summer party isn’t complete without the smell of cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, or maybe even some steaks in the air. 

The rental grill we offer at Signature Event Rentals in Virginia has a huge grilling area so you can feed even the biggest crowds. In fact, three people can cook side by side on this grill. Your next outdoor party won’t be complete without it.

Find All Your Party Rentals at Signature Event Rentals

If you are getting ready to plan a party and want to make it unforgettable, rent one of these items from Signature Event Rentals. We proudly serve Virginia and Washington DC. Choose from children’s bouncy houses, grills, bars, dance floors and more. When you choose Signature Event Rentals, you can be sure that your next party will be a hit.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Better Party Planning

party planning resolution

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Better Party Planning

It’s a brand new year and you’re looking into some new year’s resolutions to be a better party planner. Half the battle is acknowledging that you can improve yourself, so here are some ideas to start off the other half. 

1. Be open to testing out new technology.

Even though you might feel comfortable with your current processes, it won’t hurt to be open to looking into new technology that can help you plan for your parties. Say, there’s a new app that lets your guests RSVP. There’s always some new party-related app coming out. It won’t hurt to try it especially if it’s free. 

By doing this, you could be improving a certain aspect of the job. You could find out a better way to do online and/or onsite registration; or a better way to connect to new vendors. The possibilities are endless! 

2. Reflect on each event to figure out what needs to be improved on. 

It’s a great habit to reflect on each party you have planned so you can pinpoint what went well, hence what to replicate for next time. Also, this will help you figure out what went wrong so that you can do some countermeasures for next time. 

3. Learn to delegate.

When you’re used to doing everything on your own, it’s hard to entrust to other people these tasks. However, learning to do so will help free up your time to do more important things and make more and better decisions regarding party planning. It’s okay to ask for help. 

Aside from opening opportunities for other people, delegating menial tasks would help you know which of your people are good with certain tasks. It helps you know your people better and helps you delegate better next time. 

4. Be open to network.

When meeting new people, especially those with businesses related to parties, be open to learning more about their values and ethics as it would help you later on to figure out which of them better fits your party in mind. Moreover, always remember to take their contact details. 

5. Procrastination has no place in party planning. 

While postponing tasks are unavoidable, doing this often leads to procrastination. When you call your vendors late, they will also have less time to prepare for your party. If you send out your invitations late, it’s like you’re making sure less people can make it. 

Here’s to more, and better planned parties and events for 2020!


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Christmas Party Planning

Party guests give cheers to a merry Christmas!

Christmastime is here, which means it is time to spread the cheer! Even with the stress that accompanies the hustle and bustle of the holidays, there is also much to celebrate. The closer we get to the big day itself, the more we will partake in the festivities of the holiday season. If you intend on going the extra mile and hosting a Christmas party of your own, proper planning is essential to ensure everyone has a great time. Signature Event Rentals is here to help! Our party rental services take the stress out of planning a special time for you and the people in your life. Consider the following advice to make your party an event that people will be talking about for years to come.

Theme & Style

The first thing to consider when planning a Christmas party is what you would like the event to project. Will it be a casual event or something more formal? It may seem quite inconsequential, but a simple decision like style will impact the entire mood of your party. Keep your guests in mind. An all-adult party may call for something more posh and refined, like a Christmas masquerade. On the other hand, an older crowd may prefer something more laidback and lowkey, much like a barbecue or cocktail party. If children are attending, be sure to keep things light and energetic with plenty of activities to partake in. It is Christmas, after all.

As for a theme, it will obviously have something to do with the holidays, but what exactly does that entail? Perhaps a “winter wonderland” theme complete with snowflake streamers and colors of light blue and silver will give the proper elegance you seek. For something warmer and more traditional, opt instead for an “I’ll be home for Christmas” concept, complete with a Christmas tree that guests can help decorate and maybe even an outdoor fireplace to bring the homey feel altogether.

Whatever you choose, Signature Event Rentals can help turn your vision into a reality. Our party rentals include everything you could possibly need to complete the aesthetic you seek. From linens and drapes to tabletop decor and chairs, we can dress your party up or treat it with reserved yet distinguished taste. Share with us what you want to accomplish, and we will walk you through everything else.

Food & Drink

It is expected at any event that food and refreshments will be served, but this is especially true during the holidays. Wholesome and filling foods fitting of winter weather are highly recommended. Prime rib, roasted fowl, and honey ham are all choices guaranteed to please, but you are by no means limited to these options alone. Creative choices include cedar plank salmon, tamales, or smoked brisket. Adding touches of your personality to the party is what will make for a truly unique and enjoyable experience for your guests.

As for sides, consider crowd-pleasers such as macaroni and cheese, corn pudding, and creamed spinach. A salad bar is never a bad idea, and bread is a cost-effective way of filling empty tummies. To truly wow and surprise, however, consider including a baked potato station. People can dress up their meals in whatever way they see fit, plus it makes the act of eating all the more fun and exciting.

Don’t forget to keep in mind the dietary restrictions of your guests. This not only shows respect for your guests, in many cases it can protect them from potentially harmful allergies. Vegan and gluten-free options are an excellent way of ensuring everyone enjoys his time at your party as well as showing you appreciate his being there. If you send out formal invitations, have a space for people to include their food preferences along with their RSVP. This way, you are sure to have the right amount of food for every diet, and everyone will have something they can eat.

Drinks are guaranteed to add to the fun, too. For beer, it is recommended to offer three options: something light like Heineken, something dark like Guinness, and something hoppy like Stone IPA. Red and brown ales are also excellent choices, often offering sweetened notes of chocolate or roasty characteristics of coffee that compliment the season. If you want to really impress, provide something seasonal from a local brewery. From Red Dragon to Highmark and Maltese, there are plenty of breweries to choose from here in Fredericksburg!

Christmas-themed drinksWine is a bit more simple to approach. White and red options are required, but you can go above and beyond in giving multiple choices of each. Oaked Chardonnays are popular with some but detested by others. Offering a fruity Sauvignon Blanc or dry Pinot Grigio will give options to those who prefer to lay off the oak. Rieslings are also enjoyed more during the colder months, as is sparkling wine. Include these to truly help your party stand out among the rest.

Red wines are exceptionally popular with chilly weather, so be sure to have plenty on hand to satisfy thirsty guests. Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold option and a perfect pairing for rich and fatty cuts of meat. Malbec or Merlot will be easier drinking for those with a delicate palette. It is wise to keep back-stock of something accessible like a red blend, which will satisfy a variety of tastes. For a more exotic selection, consider an easy-drinking Duro from Portugal. Wines from this region are fruity with velvety chocolate undertones, and they are extremely affordable to boot.

The best thing to do is to have a local wine shop provide what is needed. They have invaluable knowledge of what wines will be well-received. There is even a chance you’ll be given sample bottles to help you deliberate what you want to serve. The real key is keeping options available for everyone.

If you would like to have a full bar, a catering company will likely have affordable liquor options they are used to crafting drinks with. That said, you are welcome to make the selections yourself, as long as the bartender has the necessary ingredients for making popular cocktails. Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, bourbon, Irish whiskey, and Scotch are all important to keep on hand. By including vermouth, bitters, and various mixers, you are guaranteed to have all your bases covered. You can also take the opportunity to make a festive punch for everyone to enjoy. Whatever you do, just be sure to provide non-alcoholic for teetotalers or anyone who is underage.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be the holidays without offering something sweet. Desserts are demanded at any large group gathering, but this is doubly true during Christmas. Cookies, pies, perhaps a yule log cake — anything goes when it comes to what you could serve. Whatever you decide to include, just be sure to have variety. Not everyone is a fan of peppermint bark! By planning ahead, you can have your dessert platter adorned with decorations befitting the holiday season.

Whatever food graces your guests’ plates, Signature Event Rentals has the food service supplies you need to cater your party. We can even connect you with local catering companies so all you have to do is pick what ends up on the menu.

Music & Entertainment

It’s not a party without entertainment, so be sure to weigh your options appropriately. Take into consideration the crowd you are expecting to attract. If children are in attendance, a moonbounce will help keep them preoccupied. Activities with arts and crafts are another great way to keep children amused. Have them make macaroni angels or design personal ornaments to hang on a decorative evergreen. Given the occasion, what might take your party from “a good time” to something truly memorable is a surprise visit from none other than Santa Claus himself.

SparklersFireworks add a majestic spark to any celebration, and it’s something enjoyed by all, both young and old. Of course, there are rules and regulations to be considered when putting on a show that incorporates pyrotechnics, so be sure to consult your chosen venue before paying for a fireworks display. At the very least, sparklers are likely to be allowed if enjoyed in a controlled manner.

For adults, conversation is what will keep everyone entertained most. Including games at the dining tables can be the perfect way to encourage engagement between your guests. Hiring a comedian or magician to perform a Christmas-themed show can also be appreciated by people at any age. Dancing, too, is a proven method of enlivening a party, which is why music must play a central role in keeping your guests entertained.

More than likely, Christmas melodies will be the musical backbone of your holiday party. In terms of style, the options are plentiful. You might opt for a disc jockey to play popular tunes that everyone recognizes and enjoys. If you would like something a little more classy, however, consider hiring a band to perform.

Bands can customize the music choices to fit the mood of the occasion. Whether you are looking for something upbeat and energizing like rock or something with a little more swing like jazz, a band can give you exactly what you need. No matter what you choose, Signature Event Rentals can accommodate your choices with a stage, dance floor, PA system, and more. For party rentals, we provide only the best.

Comfort & Convenience

The key to a successful party is more than the activities you provide or what food you’ve had prepared. It’s also about making sure your guests are comfortable and well taken care of. Make certain that chairs are cushioned and supportive, particularly for pregnant women and the elderly. Since they may be limited in what activities they partake in, they may spend the majority of their time seated at a table, observing others and enjoying conversations. You want them to be satisfied as much as anyone else, so start by guaranteeing comfortable seating. With a large selection of chair rentals to choose from, Signature Event Rentals will help you achieve this with ease.

Next, you’ll want to have all the labor to be taken care of for you. Staffing caterers makes certain that drinks are always full and tabletops are regularly cleaned. Guests should not be held responsible for gathering trash or making unnecessary drink runs, and neither should the host. Concentrate on your role by keeping your guests relaxed, having all other duties delegated to the staff running the event.

It is inevitable at any get-together with food and drink that guests will eventually require the facilities of a washroom. Often, these are accessible via the venue itself, but should the party be taking place outside, it may be prudent to invest in high-end restroom facilities. Without providing for these basic needs, the situation may prove dire, and that doesn’t put anyone in the Christmas spirit.

Lastly, when it comes to winter parties that are held in the outdoors, you want to strongly consider the weather. Depending on where you live, snow may present a problem, but cold temperatures, at the very least, will come into play. So that all your guests remain cozy and happy, it is important to have the right tent (complete with full-length walls) in addition to outdoor heaters. There is simply no reason to leave anything to chance, and when you receive party rental services from Signature Event Rentals, nothing will be.

Festivities & Fun

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year, so make merry with those you love and care for. Now you know all that must be taken into account when planning a Christmas party. It’s no small feat, but it can be well worth the challenges — especially when you have help. Before you start planning your grand holiday celebration, contact Signature Event Rentals. As Virginia’s premier party rental provider, we will equip you with all the supplies you need, connect you with our event partners for additional assistance, and offer further advice to make your Christmas party a smashing hit, so call us today!

Holiday Gift Giving Gone Wrong: Common Mistakes in Gift-giving

holiday gifts

Holiday Gift Giving Gone Wrong: Common Mistakes in Gift-giving


The holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means. Gift-giving! We all know it’s not easy to figure out what to gift someone. We sometimes get to the point where we settle with something we didn’t really think through, just to get it over with. Aside from the usual thoughtless gift, here are some mistakes you should avoid when planning your gift list.

1. The Recycled Gift

In case you didn’t know, re-gifting is when you give a gift that you have received previously from someone else. This is rude and discourteous especially when the original gift-giver finds out. What’s worse is that if you move in a small circle of family and friends and you do this, you might accidentally re-gift someone’s gift back to them. 

2. The Gift of Self-Improvement

While it feels okay to get someone a weighing scale, or a self-help book on dieting, it might be offensive to the receiver. Giving someone such a gift implies that you feel that you know better what they should do with their life. It would also imply that there is something that needs changing with the person. Whatever your intention may be, something this personal should be that person’s decision alone.

3. The Personalized Gift

In addition to the last item, giving someone a very personal gift is a bad idea. Examples of this are perfumes, food and skin care products. Since personal taste in scents has to be considered when choosing perfume, it is unwise to give someone a pre-chosen scent. Also, you never know if someone is allergic to an ingredient. 

4. The Gift of Humor

While it may seem funny while you’re shopping, receiving a gag gift defeats the purpose of gifting especially when it’s the holidays. A close friend could laugh at it once or twice, but in the long run, it is impractical. Also, there is danger of offending someone who doesn’t get your humor. 

This includes politically incorrect gifts and those with mean messages. Always take into consideration the values and beliefs of the receiver. Make sure to avoid those with offensive messages — no matter how subtle and funny it is for you —  about minorities, women or race.

5. The Gift of Inconvenience

You got someone a bike. Have you considered what would happen if the recipient doesn’t have the space for it? While it may sound awesome to receive such gifts, you still have to consider that these items will take space. Unless you know that the recipient will really love the gift and is intending to get it for themselves at some point, don’t do it.

Moreover, it’s also inconsiderate to give surprise pets. They are a big responsibility and pets should be adopted by those ready (mentally, physically and financially) for them. 


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Family Thanksgiving Survival Tips


Family Thanksgiving Survival Tips

You’ve decided to go. But you’re afraid you might not make it out alive and well? Here are some tips to help you survive Thanksgiving day with your family if you have some issues with another family member.

1. Manage your expectations. 

Know who to expect once you get there. Find out in advance who’s going so you can mentally prepare yourself. You know, just in case Aunt So-and-so asks and you need to come up with answers about your parenting skills or why you’re still single. 

Also, remind yourself of the agenda. Why are you meeting up? Focus on being grateful for having a family — no matter how annoying and irritating they may be. Moreover, if you’re really having a hard time, you can look forward to the time of your departure instead. 

2. Focus on family. 

Another reason you’re attending is to spend time and catch up with your family. While you may be tempted to join in on the gossip, go ahead and ask the person being gossiped about instead. It’s always better to know the truth directly from the source. 

Avoid taboo topics like politics and religion. Don’t be afraid to change the topic or to literally walk away if you’re uncomfortable with the conversation. Remember that the perfect family doesn’t exist. Accept that they are human and that they’ll most likely disappoint you. Just focus on taking care of your family — like making sure the kids are fed. Check up on the older adults, too. Ask if they have eaten or if they need help in cleaning up. They will appreciate that. 

3. Be neutral.

Be as passive and neutral as you can when being given unsolicited advice. Be forgiving too, if you can. Don’t take things to heart. Most of the time, your “elder” relatives don’t even know they are offending you as they were just raised that way. 

Part of this is not getting too involved. If you’re the party planner, don’t expect everyone to follow your scheduled activities. Let your family have fun and freedom, so that there will be less likely a cause of friction. 

4. Let there be distractions.

While Thanksgiving is a family event, you shouldn’t force everyone to be focused on bonding with the family 24/7. You have to let people have their down time. Don’t start calling out people if they are on their phones. Invite them to do stuff with you but let them have a choice on what they want to do. 

If the children start causing a ruckus, you may distract them with games. If one of the adults have started an argument, invite one on a walk. 

Mere thoughts of attending your annual family Thanksgiving reunion could sometimes cause you anxiety. But knowing how to handle the situation is a great help in making sure you have a good time and a reason to be thankful on this wonderful family holiday.


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