Have A Worry-Free Outdoor Party

Have A Worry-Free Outdoor Party

What fun it would be to have an outdoor party! Hosting a party can be a daunting task in itself but having one outdoors could pose a real challenge. 

While preparing for an outdoor party may seem to be a big production, you only need to focus on a few key factors to ensure a successful event. As long as you get each one right, everything will be fine. 

1. Comfort

One of the things that can make or break a great party is your guests’ comfort. 

Make sure you have enough seating area for everyone. If you are lacking tables and chairs, bring out picnic quilts and waterproof blankets. Waterproof bean bags scattered around the place could also help the guests move around and mingle. 

Also, prepare for any weather-related or season-related situation. Make sure your outdoor venue would not be too cold or too hot for guests during the party. Don’t let bad weather ruin your outdoor party.

2. Crowd Control

Make sure your party area isn’t cramped so there is good crowd flow. You can also do crowd control by scattering the food tables and the seating areas all over the venue. 

There is a trick used by planners where they put the stations as “targets” the guests can see within their line of sight. If they were to turn around while hovering about the lounging area, they are to spot the next “target” which in this case could be the drinking station. In turn, when at the drinking station, the next target in their line of sight could be the food table, and so on. 

Since people usually crowd near the food, creating a separate dessert or snack station away from the main food table would help get the guests to not crowd on those certain places. 

3. Convenience

Everything has to be accessible and strategically placed. Encourage self-service so the hosts don’t have to be serving the whole time and can enjoy the party for themselves. 

Convenience would also mean placing extra napkins, ice and utensils within easy reach so guests don’t have to ask the host every time they need some. 

4. Entertainment for Everyone

Planning to have a game? If your party area is wide, you can play water gun tag (or better yet, water balloon dodge). Plus, the kids can join in. If you’re near a body of water or a pool, you can do water-related games like volleyball or underwater fetch. 

If the venue is a bit cramped where running around isn’t really ideal, you can bring out tabletop games like tangrams, scrabble, and mahjong.

5. Fuss-Free Food

Fuss-free food means easy-to-eat food you can consume on-the-go. You don’t need to have your guests worry about where they left their food. Serve drinks and snacks in a single container. Buy drinking cups with food tray attachments on top so that you can eat and drink while keeping the other hand free. 


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