What to Consider When Doing DIY Menu Planning for Fabulous Parties

What to Consider When Doing DIY Menu Planning for Fabulous Parties


Thinking of throwing a party or two in a span of a week at home? You know it’s difficult and expensive to hire catering services for each party. 

So what can you do to make sure you have delicious food for your guests every time you have a party at home? Prepare the food yourself! It’s not that difficult, especially when you know how to do menu planning and you have some help at home. 

Here are a few things to consider when doing DIY menu planning for fabulous parties at home:

How many guests?

With normal weekly family meal planning, you consider the number of meals you’ll be consuming for the whole week. The same goes for meal planning for a party — you have to consider how many dishes there will be so that you can buy in bulk, and make sure they’re going to last for all the parties. 

When is the party?

Another factor is the date and time of your parties. Early morning parties that occur before 10 in the morning are under the full breakfast rule. Hence, you’d have to prepare a full breakfast spread for your guests. The same applies to parties happening at noon or at 5 in the afternoon, as they will fall under full lunch and full dinner respectively. 

If you want to save a bit, you can choose to hold your party at around 10 AM (to before noon) or from 2PM (to just before 5PM) so you have an option to only serve light snacks. After-dinner parties are from 8PM onwards and you have a choice to serve light snacks or just desserts. 

Quantity or Variety?

If you can’t cook a lot of dishes, what you can do is to cook in bulk so that your guests can get full despite having just two or three dishes. 

On the other hand, if you can only come up with small servings of each dish, what you can do is serve up a bunch of dishes. Having a variety of dishes makes your guests eat less of each kind so they can try the other offerings. Hence, you can make them feel full with bits and pieces of each dish. 

When doing menu planning, make sure to consider that not every guest will fall for the small serving trick. Allot an allowance for those that will get seconds.


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