Wedding Tent Decorating Ideas

Brides who dream about an outdoor wedding will often reserve a big white wedding tent “just in case it rains.” While this is a good idea that we recommend for any outside event, wedding or otherwise, why not include your gorgeous wedding tent rental in your original plans? Why should a wedding tent be a last-minute compromise?

Event tents give guests the option of being covered, but the freedom to walk outside. They can enjoy the fresh air without baking in the sun or having leaves fall on them from the trees. Even if your chosen venue has an indoor space in case of inclement weather, wouldn’t you rather have a tent and remain outdoors than not have an outdoor wedding at all?

At Signature Event Rentals, we are happy to provide beautiful white tent rentals for weddings and events in Virginia. Our tents and any other wedding rentals you need will be professionally set up by our experienced crew to the highest safety standards. To rent a white tent for your special day,  be sure to check out all of our wedding tents and give us a call if you are unsure which size tent you will need. Then, keep reading to discover a few new ways to decorate your tent!

Fun And Quirky Decor

Who said weddings have to be decorated with flowers and twinkle lights? For a truly unique wedding, think outside of the box a little bit. Choose bright, funky color scheme to pop against your white wedding tent. Hang colorful paper lanterns or bunting flags from the ceiling to add lots of textures and vibrancy. For even more color, create your own vivid photo backdrop by streaming multicolored ribbons along a wall or off of a PVC pipe or wooden frame.

Whimsical Wedding Tent

To add a bit of whimsy to your wedding tent, choose nature-inspired decor such as varied greenery, twigs, and floral garlands. Spanish moss and ivy make great choices for draping from the top of the tent, and this helps to bring the outdoors inside of the tent so you really feel like you are still in nature. For centerpieces, swap fancy floral arrangements in favor of flickering tea candles and haphazard leaves or moss.

Romantic Atmosphere For Your Wedding Tent

For a romantic feel, opt for as many twinkle lights as you can. When the sun sets, the twinkle lights will help create a romantic atmosphere while still allowing guests enough light to see where they are going. Sticking to a pastel color scheme with traditional wedding flowers such as roses in the floral arrangements will help to complete the mood.

Minimalist Decor For A Fresh Wedding

Sometimes the only thing you need to make your tent look good and fit your theme is just the tent itself. A white tent, white tablecloth rentals, white napkins, and white chairs offer a no-fuss wedding that is not at all lacking on beauty for the minimalist couple. Choose a single accent color to go with this scheme. Sunshine yellow or green are great options for keeping the whole thing clean and streamlined.

How Will You Decorate Your White Wedding Tent?

At Signature Event Rentals, we totally understand if you’re renting a wedding tent “just in case.” However, we also encourage couples to explore how they can make their tent work with their outdoor wedding decor. Don’t fret about, “What if I have to put up a tent on my wedding day?” Instead, focus on the ways you can incorporate a white wedding tent rental to make your event even more beautiful.

Check out our selection of wedding tent rentals and be sure to add your favorite to your wishlist. And, while you’re at it, don’t forget about the chairs, tablecloths, and linens! We are your one-stop-shop for event and wedding rentals in Virginia!