Wedding Reception Tables: The Round Farm Table

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Is your wedding reception venue one big blank slate, and does that strike any wedding day jitters? Planning a wedding from the ground up and getting all the details just right can be taking on a lot, but not when you have the perfect wedding rental company who has your back.

Signature Event Rentals arranges wedding and tent rentals in the D.C., Virginia, and Maryland areas. Learn more about our Round Farm Table in today’s post!

Wedding Inspiration: Round Wedding Tables

Even if you’re looking at an empty room that you need to transform into your wedding reception, Signature Event Rentals is here to help craft a dreamy wedding scape that perfectly fits your style, round wedding tables included. 

We really love the aesthetic of a round wedding table because they create a more intimate gathering compared to the long, reaching rectangular tables that seem to go on forever, which can sometimes foster a cold and rigid environment.  

Round tables are much more traditional in modern weddings because they’re a great all-around and versatile choice.

Round tables can seat more guests. 

If you’re throwing a large wedding reception with limited space, round tables go unmatched. A typically 60” round table seats approximately six to eight guests and a 72” round table 10 to 12, where a standard 8’ rectangular table can only fit eight guests while taking up more space. 

If space is limited, round tables are always recommended, but if you have some space to play with, you could always consider a mix of rectangular and round tables. 

Round tables may be more cost-effective.

Because round tables can seat more guests, you won’t need as many, which is kinder to your wedding budget. Think about it — not only are more tables more expensive, but you have to consider everything that goes onto a table. The linens, centerpieces, and table settings all add up.

Round tables are more intimate.

Round tables can be configured in many ways, but they’re great because there are always nearby tables and people that surround you, making for a fun and lively wedding reception. There are always people to get to know at the table, and if you turn behind you, there are even more people to meet and make conversation with. Round tables usher abundance and joy — they bring out the merriment of wedding receptions. 

Many people opt for round tables because they seat more, they’re generally less expensive because you won’t require as many, and they’re more intimate, especially if you have a large wedding guest list. 

Decorating a Round Wedding Table

Round tables can be decorated in any color and theme — from a more traditional look of ivory linens and fine china and paired with cross back chairs to a rustic wedding aesthetic with copper mules, mason jars, and burlap. 

One of the only considerations that should be made is keeping shorter floral arrangements for centerpieces. Site lines can be blocked and conversations curtailed when you have high florals. 

The Round Farm Table From Signature Event Rentals

Our Round Farm Table features all solid wood and is available in the 60” size. It’s beautiful enough to be used without linens for a more deconstructed farm or rustic wedding, ushering the simplicity of wood, or it can be covered with your linen color of choice.

Effortlessly mingle the room with a Round Farm Table setup that shines whether it’s rows or an off-centered design, making it easy for you and your guests to have a memorable wedding reception.   

Build An Empty Wedding Space With Signature Event Rentals

Once you’ve selected our Round Farm Table, begin to plan all the specifics surrounding your wedding reception space. Signature Event Rentals have wedding rentals covered, right down to the small details.  

Our comprehensive wedding rentals include:

The inventory and the people at Signature Event Rentals are what makes our wedding rental company thrive. With wedding essentials, you can start from a blank slate and plan your dream wedding or pick and choose a la carte for what you need to make your wedding happen. 

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