Four Steps to the Perfect Wedding Gift Registry

Four Steps to the Perfect Wedding Gift Registry


Weddings can take a lot of work, but some of them are legitimately fun — that is, if you know how to handle them right! The wedding gift registry is one such aspect of the wedding that can be loads of fun! Imagine your future home filled not just with love and happiness, but also with thoughtful gifts from friends and family. We have some tips to help you start your wedding gift registry.

Timing is key. There are some couples who wait until the last minute to register, but it’s better if you start off as soon as the preparations begin (i.e., just after engagement). This gives guests time to buy gifts for the many pre-wedding events, from engagement parties to bridal showers.

Spice it up. Have a registry list that speaks about who you are as a couple. It’s useless to register for a microwave oven if you often eat out anyway. You can search the web for ideas, but don’t feel like you have to conform yourself to them. Also, it’s okay to register for top-of-the-line items if you feel that’s what you really need! This gives your guests the option to buy the bigger items as a group.

Don’t ask for cash! You might feel overwhelmed by all the preparation that you might think “let’s just go for cash and think of gifts later”. There are financial registries, but it can be awkward for your guests to fulfill this. If you need cash for something intangible like a dream honeymoon, you can register directly for these through specialized online services. All you need is to search!

Make it easy. The biggest blocker for guests isn’t the price of the gift, but the hassle of doing the purchase. So make it easy, and register at a national chain of stores (or at least those that are easy to find and with a lot of choices). Throw in some variety as well — a mix of stores from both ends of the price-range spectrum should give them the choice they need.

In the end, the wedding gift registry is one aspect of the wedding that will likely remain with you for a long time! So put some thought into it, and most of all, have fun!


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