Have Fun Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Have Fun Choosing Your Wedding Colors 

Your wedding colors set the tone and ambience of your wedding day. However, choosing what looks perfect or what fits you and your partner can be quite a chore. If you’re not in the mood to look at a color wheel, here’s some options on how to choose the best one. 

1. Find a few colors that you and your partner likes.

This is the easiest way to choose: by just settling on what colors you and your partner likes. The only thing that you have to watch out for is if your colors don’t complement each other. If you don’t care about rules and like being rebellious, you can go through with them. If not, what you can do is to find another color that complements both colors to somehow bridge them. 

An example is when you’re afraid orange and green can’t go together, just add yellow in the middle to harmonize them. Of course, try to use pastel-ish versions. Try not to use any neons as they are harder to match and put together. 

2. Find colors that fit the season of your wedding day. 

If you can’t decide what colors to choose, use the current season as your inspiration. Getting married on a summer’s day? Try sky blue and sand white, or sea green and salmon color. 

Tying the knot in a winter wedding gives you the opportunity to use rich color combinations like mauve and jade, or magenta and yellow. 

You can turn to vibrant fall colors if you’re getting married during the autumn season. Burnt orange, browns and navy blues can highlight your color motif for your special day. 

Of course, spring colors are just as lovely. This is your chance to use flamboyant color combinations like hot pink and lemon yellow, and get away with it.

Alternatively, you can use what flowers are in season and then choose similar complementary colors.

3. Find colors that look good on you and your spouse-to-be. 

If you’re impartial to whatever looks good and doesn’t really have a preference with colors, just choose colors that look good on both of you. If you’ve not heard of skin undertones, you should look into it. It’s basically that if you have a warm undertone, rich warm colors look good on you while cool colors will make you look pale, and vice versa. 

Choosing your wedding colors doesn’t have to be hard. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix and match colors. It’s your wedding, after all. Have fun!


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