Top 5 Tips for A Beautiful Autumn Wedding

Top 5 Tips for a Beautiful Autumn Wedding

Many people consider fall to be the most romantic time of the year, and hence the perfect time for a wedding. And why not? Autumn leaves and hot chocolates are perfect for reminding us of the meaning of love and intimacy.

But precisely because it’s high time for weddings, it’s essential to plan accordingly when setting up your wedding in nature’s golden glow. Here are a few tips to consider for a beautiful autumn wedding:

1. Location

Think rustic when it comes to autumn weddings.  When choosing your location, consider country, forest, and barn locations. Fall foliage makes an ideal backdrop for your wedding photos.

2. Color Palette

Autumn’s rich color palette which includes dark oranges, vivid yellows, leafy greens and deep reds can exude earthy, dramatic looks. Hints of gold and bronze are perfect for fall, and add a luxurious touch to your setting.

3. Accessories

You’ll want to adorn your wedding with rustic accessories. Visit your local park and collect twigs, autumn leaves, pine cones, acorns, chestnuts and wildflowers, to use as decorative wreaths or as place settings.

4. Be prepared

Autumn is just a few steps away from winter’s snowy embrace, so it’s a good idea to bring provisions for warmth. That means dressing up according to the weather, which would allow you to enjoy the magnificent beauty of autumn outdoors — it’s a shame not to! Be prepared with other stuff like umbrellas, heaters, and blankets as well, to prepare for whatever Nature has to offer.

5. Use the golden hour

One thing that could easily be taken for granted during autumn is its magnificent lighting. Give your photographers and videographers an easier job by incorporating the “golden hour” into your wedding ceremony. This is the hour after sunrise and the hour before and after sunset, when the lighting is best. There’s nothing better than the golden leaves and the golden glow of the sun. Plan your photography to capture the autumn landscape and the vibrant colors around your venue.

And of course, don’t be afraid to break out of the mold! You may be celebrating your wedding in autumn, but you can always incorporate your own color palette and mix it up with that of the red-and-gold outdoors. This way you can “personalize” autumn into something that’s all your own, something you could remember the rest of your lives by!


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