Tips on Planning a Spring Wedding

When we think of a spring wedding, we envision a beautiful light palette of colors. You can feel the light breeze and smell the fresh flowers. Spring weddings can be absolutely stunning and memorable. 

However, springtime can come with some surprises, especially when it comes to the weather. You’ll want to take the time to plan your wedding accordingly so that you can enjoy everything that spring has to offer while avoiding any mishaps from unforeseen circumstances.

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Choose Your Venue Wisely

While planning a spring wedding, it can be tempting to choose an outside venue. It’s easy to imagine a perfect spring day but it’s important to remember that spring weather can have its ups and downs. 

Choosing an outside venue can still be an amazing choice for a spring wedding as long as you plan for the possibility of less than clear weather. Ensure that in the event of rain or stormy weather, that you and your guests have a place to go. Choosing to set up a tent to provide shelter can be a great way to have the outside spring wedding that you’ve always wanted without the risk of ruining the cake, gifts, or anyone’s wedding attire. Tents can also help define an outdoor space and look great with the right lighting. 

You also have the choice of an inside venue when planning your spring wedding. Ensure you book your venue as soon as possible seeing as spring weddings are quite popular. 

The best venues for a spring wedding are ones that allow for outdoor and indoor space. They give you the best of both worlds and will ensure that you and your guests are comfortable and dry in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. 

Set a Menu that Speaks to the Season

Springtime is all about renewal. It’s about bright, bold flavors, and food that provides energy for fun springtime activities. When you are choosing the items for your wedding menu, keep the season in mind. You don’t want to weigh down your guests with heavy dishes, but instead give them fuel to dance, mingle, and have fun. 

You can also plan fun spring drinks of both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety. Drinks that are refreshing, light, and citrusy are perfect for enjoying in spring. The hors d’oeuvres, dinner, and drink menus can all feature fresh seasonal ingredients to further keep with the theme.

Have a Beautiful Spring-Inspired Cake

The wedding cake is no doubt the centerpiece of the wedding. After the crowd is done commenting on the beauty of the bride and her wedding dress and how perfect the couple looks together, their next observation is the wedding cake. 

You can have the pastry chef create seasonal flowers from frosting and use colors that celebrate the spring season. A spring-inspired wedding cake will easily be the center of attention, after the bride and groom of course.

Use Flowers that Are in Season

Spring means flowers. When you are choosing your wedding decor it’s best to include lots of seasonal springtime flowers. They’ll add a fresh, beautiful look to any venue and lend to a soft, fragrant aroma. 

When you choose to use flowers that are in season for your wedding, not only is your wedding going to be beautiful, but flowers that are in season are actually more budget-friendly than those that are not. 

Choose the Right Decor

When you are planning a spring wedding, ensure that you are choosing decor that fits the theme. If you are choosing light, pastel colors that are often associated with springtime, make sure that your decor adds to the aesthetics. 

Arches are a great addition to spring weddings and can be decorated with spring flowers. Candles can also add a nice light touch to the decor. Choose decor that doesn’t take away from the flowers and overall spring theme, but instead adds to it.

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