Tips For Keeping Kids Safe In A Bounce House Rental

As a leading provider of inflatable bounce house rentals, we often hear sentiments like, “My child wants a bounce house rental at their birthday party, but aren’t they dangerous?” The simple answer is, “Everything can be dangerous if it’s not used correctly.” Bouncy castles are super fun and a great childhood experience. If there is a lack of supervision or common sense that isn’t used by the adults, then of course there is an opportunity for injuries. We want your kiddos to be safe in our bounce house rentals as much as you do, so we’re here to offer a few pieces of advice to help that happen.

Staying Safe In A Bounce House Rental

Have A Professional Set It Up

Bouncy castle rentals need to be set up professionally and secured to the ground. Even light winds can pick up an inflatable rental up off of the ground. If it is tethered to the ground correctly you will be fine – just use common sense and if hurricane-force winds blow through, obviously don’t continue to use the inflatable.

Be Aware Of The Power Source

If the power happens to go out and a bounce house starts to deflate, it is important to get the kids out of there. Kids might think it’s fun that the bounce house is deflating (the same way they like to lay on a deflating air mattress), but even a small bounce house can weigh over 50 pounds. It is important to always have an adult supervising the bounce house just in case this happens. This situation is unlikely but it can happen if you overload your power source or your generator runs out of fuel.

Take Turns And Stay Organized

In short, big kids shouldn’t bounce with little kids. If you’re using a bounce house at an event with kids of different ages, either rent a bounce house for each age group, such as 6 and under, 7-10, and over 10. If you can’t rent multiple bounce houses, then enforce rules and set time frames for each age to bounce. Two six-year-olds might bump heads if the bounce house is too crowded, but a ten-year-old can do some serious damage if they land on a smaller kid.  

The most common bounce house injuries result from rough housing or kids performing stunts like backflips, which we say is a no-no in a bounce house. The bottom line is that if bounce houses are used correctly, injuries are extremely rare and usually minor.

Keep Kids Safe In Your Bounce House Rental

Like we said at the beginning, bouncy castles are super fun and can make a birthday party memorable. Your kids will love it, and as long as you have a responsible adult keeping watch, injuries are extremely unlikely. When choosing a bounce house rental company, be sure to choose someone reliable who takes safety seriously. At Signature Event Rentals, you can count on our crew to deliver your bounce house on time and ensure that it is set up properly before the guests arrive! Book your Fredericksburg bounce house rental today!

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