Tips on Hiring Your Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Tips on Hiring Your Wedding Photographer and Videographer


Aside from hiring people with their own equipment with which they are familiar with, there is more to choosing wedding videographers and photographers than just their rates. 

  1. Decide if you want both a photographer and a videographer.

This decision can help you save money, as you can choose to spend less if you want just one service anyway. If you decide to have both, you should be looking into people who are great at both. However, since these experts are usually more proficient in one area more than the other, consider hiring two separate professionals for each job. Of course, this would cost more compared to hiring one who’s at least good with both. 

So, if you prefer to have a video you want to re-watch over and over, just go with a great videographer. Their photography skills won’t matter so you can get a better deal. The same goes for a photographer with a great eye with photos but not in shooting videos. 

  1. When choosing a professional, find one with a similar point of view as you and your partner.

While we can’t deny that the pros know more about videos and photos, sometimes pros tend to come up with shots that are too repetitive. You might end up with the same poses as the other hundred couples before you. Make sure your vision as a couple should have some weight in the outcome of the photos and videos. 

Another thing is to consider what type of photos and videos you want. Do you prefer candid photos only? With videos, do you find drone shots too mainstream? Find a professional who can make your vision come to life. Also, even if you’re open to anything, you should look for a videographer or a photographer that’s not only creative, but also has fresh ideas. 

  1. Settle on what the output’s quality should be.

Your wedding happens once in a lifetime — that exact day will only happen once. If the professionals weren’t able to capture the moment of your vows, or if the pictures were blurry, there’s no retake. So making sure you’re hiring actual experts is a must. Check their portfolio and if possible, watch their previous same-day edit videos. Also, make sure the contract is explicit on the guarantees for any mishap. 


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