Is It OK to Throw Your Own Bridal Shower?

Is It OK to Throw Your Own Bridal Shower?

Do you throw your own bridal shower or not? That is a good question. While the short answer is yes, you can if you want to, there are really a lot of things to consider before doing so.

A bridal shower is something “done for” a bride to shower her with gifts. To throw yourself one might look to others as a bit narcissistic and greedy because it will look like you’re asking for gifts. Some people even consider it rude to host your own bridal shower. 

If you are concerned about being seen as gift-greedy or rude, make sure someone else is hosting it for you. Your name shouldn’t be placed on the invite as hostess, but you can offer to help plan the party or to help with the costs. 

If you really want to have one and it doesn’t seem to be in the works, you can express your desire to have a bridal shower to your bridal party. But do note that no one owes you a shower nor is anyone obligated to throw you one. Of course, manage your expectations should someone else throw you a small, humble celebration. 

If you have too few friends or don’t have a bridal party, you may ask your mother or your siblings instead. This option doesn’t really look too good either because it could look like your family is asking for gifts, but this is still better than throwing your own.

If you aren’t worried about what other people will say and are not a fan of outdated rules, then by all means, go ahead. However, here’s what you have to consider:

1. Do not ask your guests to contribute for the shower party costs. 

The financial obligation would usually fall on the bridal party. However, if you’re the one hosting, it’s best if you or your family shoulder it. 

2. Do not invite too many guests. 

There is no need to invite all the women from your wedding guest list. Invite just your closest friends and family members. You can also invite those who can’t attend the wedding so they can still celebrate with you. 

3. Do think of your bridal party’s financial situation and schedule. 

Since most bridal showers are expected to happen a month or less before the wedding, they might already have reached their budget limit for that quarter. Also, they may need more time to prepare or to take another work leave, so inform them as soon as you can. 

If you’re just afraid to burden other people, what you can do is to throw yourself a bachelorette party instead.  

Hey, brides-to-be! What do you think? Should you throw your own bridal shower?


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