The Wedding Rental Pieces You Can’t Pass Up

Enchant your wedding with farm benches and bar trolleys from Signature Event Rentals!

The details matter when it comes to planning your big day — your wedding! — and beyond the exciting decor such as flowers and centerpieces, there are many small details that you can choose for a memorable and picture-perfect wedding reception. 

Providing wedding rental services in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas, Signature Event Rentals is your go-to for wedding reception essentials. Learn more about the Farm Benches and Bar Trolleys we carry in today’s post. 

Wedding Rentals: The Essentials

Wedding tables and chairs, linens, and catering — those are all the big things that need to be sorted and are the priority of the wedding reception because, for the most part, this is where people are going to be eating and relaxing.

Choosing Wedding Tables

While there are many unique table arrangements you can create, you typically have only round and rectangle tables to choose from. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but for the right venue and space, both work beautifully to create a wedding reception space to remember. 

Round Tables


  • Cost-effective
  • Roomy
  • Intimate
  • Easy to create seating arrangements


  • Traditional

Rectangle Tables


  • Modern and trendy
  • Great dinner party aesthetics


  • Costly
  • Difficult to accommodate large wedding parties

The best way to dictate your decision is to consider your wedding size and budget — many people get the best of both worlds by choosing a mix of both round and rectangle tables. A couple of ways to make your decision even easier is to plan out specific tables such as the head table, food table, etc., to better coordinate shapes.

The head table is a great place to implement a rectangular table amongst other round guest tables — it distinguishes everyone and allows the guests to have a focal point to celebrate the happy couple. You could also use a rectangle table for other special guests such as your extended family like parents and grandparents. 

If you prefer more rectangle tables to round, you could use round tables as kid tables or to display your cake. 

Our Farm Table and Farm Bench are the perfect complements to a head table at a rustic wedding. Beautifully crafted from fruitwood, these pieces can be used with or without linens. Use a table runner or place a beautiful floral arrangement to complete the unique theme of your wedding. 

Wedding Rentals: Small Details

Once you have the essentials picked out, you can begin narrowing in on the finer details of your wedding. From place settings and food pairings to wedding decor, there are so many things you can choose to make your wedding reception fun for everyone. 

There are the things your guests really care about — which we’ll cover later — and then there are the things that they don’t notice. While it’s entirely up to you on what you want to focus your time, energy, and wedding budget on, here are some things guests don’t think twice about. 

  • Elaborate seating charts or escorts
  • Fancy recessionals
  • Event after event (cutting the cake, garter toss, speeches, dances, etc.)

What guests really do care about are the details that make their experience more enjoyable, things such as:

  • Good food
  • Water stations
  • Great music
  • Comfort (blankets if it gets cold, flip flops for dancing, kid’s activities, etc.)
  • Well-stocked bar

Let’s center on the bar because people at a wedding love to celebrate with delicious cocktails, champagne toasts, and other boozy beverages. 

Signature Event Rentals does wedding reception bars right! Not only can you have the main bar where our staff serves drinks, but you can have an additional Bar Trolley to place amongst your guests. This can serve as a drink station for water and non-alcoholic beverages or as an additional place where your guests can get wine or beer. 

Our Bar Trolley is covered and made of solid wood for a rustic wedding aesthetic. It’s seven feet long and is great at wedding reception venues with plenty of space. 

Wedding Planning Begins With Signature Event Rentals

Use Signature Event Rentals as your resource to find everything you need for a knock-out wedding reception. From tables and chairs to various bar setups, we have you covered. 

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