Tech Etiquette For Wedding Guests To Remember

Tech Etiquette For Wedding Guests To Remember

Weddings have taken an all new dimension with the advent of mobile technology and social media. Using mobile phones, the wedding entourage and guests can now become photographers, videographers, and commentators in their own right. And it’s more likely that other people who were not present during the wedding itself will view the ceremony through the guests’ lens, rather than through official channels. This gives us all the more reason to rein in the runaway posts during the big day.

Here are some ground rules for guests’ tech usage on the wedding day itself.

1. Ask the bride and groom if it’s ok to take photos during the wedding.

This seems to be an afterthought for most people, since they’re thinking they’re using their own camera phones. But whose wedding is it anyway? It’s likely that the bride and groom would prefer that the professional photographers they hired do their work properly, unhampered by guests who are blocking the photographers’ view.

For some bride and groom, it’s okay for guests to take photos during the wedding reception only, but not the wedding ceremony. Some would want that only official photographers take photos during the ceremony and reception. It would be best to ask permission first from the bride and groom.

Okay, so many guests would take photos of the wedding anyway. Make sure not to block the view of the official photographers, or even the view of the other wedding guests.

2. Ask the bride and groom if it’s okay to post wedding photos on social media.

Related to #1 is the posting of photos on social media. Remember, whose wedding is it again? Many couples would want to be the first to post their photos. Guests should respect that.

3. Don’t stay glued to your device.

Some people want to capture the event no matter what, and that includes staying glued to their smartphone (with cameras on) during the entire wedding ceremony. Aside from the technical issues this could pose (the flash could interfere with the photographer’s lighting, for one), keeping your phones up could detract from the sacredness of the occasion both for the couple and for other guests. The couple want their guests to be absorbed in the moment, and not through a phone screen.

4. Don’t rant on social media.

This goes for all guests and members of the wedding party. There are many things that may not go as smoothly as planned, but whatever happens it’s not right to rant about them on social media.

5. Don’t post unfiltered.

When the day is done and the uploads are coming, make sure to at least curate the pictures you will post online. The bride and groom made every effort to make their wedding picture perfect, and everyone should, too! Choose only the most flattering ones, so you don’t unintentionally ruin the special day for the couple.

These tips on tech etiquette for weddings may seem like no-brainers, but it’s remarkable how quickly they are all forgotten in a frenzy of likes and shares during the wedding. It’s so much that some couples opt to post reminders and signages about tech etiquette. Remember, at its core the wedding is a sacred ceremony — and just as you would use your mobile phone only very sparingly while inside a church, so should you do the same when people are walking down the aisle to the altar.


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