3 Ideas To Keep Your Wedding Dance Floor Packed

An empty dance floor is never a good sign. Follow our lead to get wedding guests to the dance floor and stay there all night long!

As your wedding planning has ended and your wedding day approaches, you have the amalgamation of major and minor wedding details settled. The floral arrangements are ready. The cake and caterer were established. 

The one considerable variable that you can’t account for is what will really happen on the day of your wedding. It could rain or an unforeseen traffic jam could delay the ceremony. But, one last detail you may want to flirt with, is how you’ll engage your guests on the dance floor, because nothing is made more of nightmares than an empty dance floor! 

Signature Event Rentals in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas provide the leading wedding dance floors that make busting a move possible. Explore more on how to actually get your guests dancing in today’s post!

The Dance Floor

An empty dance floor is certainly recognizable and the elephant in the room of a wedding reception — it’s the void and awkward space that is making all the guests more and more uncomfortable. You can’t force people to dance, but then, why isn’t anyone out there?! 

Here’s how to ensure that doesn’t happen. 

Set The Seating Chart Accordingly

Do you have friends and family that you know love to dance and will get up and dance when the song is right? Adapt your seating arrangement around these people — give them easy access to the dance floor so they can cut a rug early and encourage others to do so with them. 

Are there any tables that evoke the dancing vibe? Signature Event Rentals recommends our Round Farm Table or Round Wood Stand-Up Cocktail Table. Round wedding reception tables make it easy to move in and around the space, as opposed to long rectangular tables that you have to often walk long lengths around. When round tables are placed around the dance floor, they make for an effortless transition to get up and dance!

Play Songs That Make People Dance

As much as you may love country music, not everyone shares your love for the genre and likely won’t get it up to dance. Know your guests and what music is their jam. If you have older folks who grew up in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, don’t forget this genre and play some of the hits from this time period. You also can’t go wrong with wedding classics such as:

  • We Are Family, by Sister Sledge
  • Dancing Queen, by ABBA
  • Celebration, by Kool And The Gang
  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered, by Stevie Wonder

Create An Interactive Experience

The best way to get people out of their chairs and dancing is by letting them request songs to be played by the DJ. Have guests fill out a song request slip and drop it in a jar by the DJ station. Not only does everyone get a song they like, but it helps the DJ gauge what the crowd likes. 

Group dances can also be a fun way to get more guests on the dance floor. While the Chicken Dance, the Hokey Pokey, and the Limbo are all classics, the Cha Cha Slide and the Macarena have become popular line dance songs to get everyone moving. 

You Can’t Dance Without A Dance Floor!

Dancing the night away is one of the best parts of a wedding reception, so having the perfect dance floor to welcome everyone’s moves can make or break the night. It’s important to choose an ideal dance floor that will accommodate your guests and fit within your wedding theme.

Signature Event Rentals has a wide variety of dance floor rentals for an unforgettable wedding reception. 

Black And White Checkered Dance Floor  – This checkered dance floor comes with an iconic pattern and would be perfect for vintage-themed weddings, but blends perfectly with any color palette. It would also be an exciting breakdancing area if that’s what your friends and family love! 

White Dance Floor – A white dance floor not only melds with a large variety of color schemes and wedding themes, but it can be transformed when the lights dim. Illuminate your wedding dance floor with lighting. Keep it simple with dots of white light or shine beautiful, entrancing colors on it all night long.  

Wood Dance Floor – For a traditional wedding dance floor, wood is your go-to material. It’s perfect for any wedding aesthetic and can carry a modern or rustic look. 

All of Signature Event Rentals’ dance floors can be rented by the day and all the way up to a week. They all come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the size of your wedding reception guest list. 

A Wedding To Remember Begins With Signature Event Rentals

Whether you’re in DC, Maryland, or Virginia, Signature Event Rentals has a dance floor for you! Connect with us today to learn more about the sizes and availability of our wedding reception dance floors.