How To Level-Up The Look Of Your Wedding With The Right Rental Furniture

Your wedding is a big day and one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of it is your wedding rentals. Tables, linens, dinnerware — all these things set the tone of your reception and need to be handled with care. Renting the right furniture can absolutely change the entire look and feel of your wedding. You want to make sure you are working with someone who can keep your vision in mind. Signature Event Rentals can help you bring your vision to life and give you the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. In today’s post, we will discuss how to level up your wedding and ensure you get the most out of your wedding rentals. Read on to learn more and partner with us for quality wedding rentals in Virginia and DC today! 

Favor a Uniform Look 

Most weddings, even those without a theme, favor a uniform look. You want all the furniture, linens, and drapery to have a similar component that complements one another. It’s a good idea to pick a theme or at least a certain color scheme you want to go with. 

candle centerpieces

Make Sure Your Vendor Understands Your Vision 

You want to make sure your vendor has a clear understanding of what you want. In order to do this, you need to have a clear understanding of what you want. Try making a vision board and putting together a list of themes you may want for your wedding. This will help both of you understand your vision better. 

beachside wedding setup

Don’t Overlook Interior Design 

Part of acquiring wedding rentals is setting everything up in a way that makes sense and looks nice. It’s not enough to just get everything you need, you also need to make sure you know where everything should go. Get familiar with the layout of your venue and think critically about how everything should be set up. 

framed Table 1 marker

Keep Your Venue In Mind 

Most importantly, your wedding rentals should compliment your venue. Your venue is the star of the show. Your rentals should be there to spice it up and add to it. 

When you need quality wedding rentals, Signature Event Rentals is here to help. We can help you bring your wedding to the next level. Partner with us today!

Challenges of Winter Weddings, Part 2

winter weather challenges signature event rentals virginia

There is so much to think about while coordinating a wedding that it can be dizzying. Now throw in the fact you want a winter wedding, and it can be downright chaotic. From the weather to the entire wedding coordination itself, there’s a lot to contend with for a winter wedding.

Signature Event Rentals serves the Virginia, Maryland, and DC area with top-notch event rental services, all designed to help you make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch. From wedding tents to table and chair rentals, we’ve got everything you need for a perfect winter wonderland wedding.

In our last blog post, we discussed some challenges of overcoming a winter wedding. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few more winter wedding challenges and offer up some tips on how to solve them. If you are in our service area and need wedding rentals, then give us a call today!


Bring in the Warmth — Wedding Guests

After you’ve spent months, maybe even years, planning your perfect wedding, the last thing you want is for your guests to only remember how cold they were sitting through the ceremony. You’ll want to carefully consider the comfort of your guests when making winter wedding plans. Invariably, there will be delays in the start time, or you’ll always have the family members who decide to show up hours ahead of schedule.

To maximize the comfort of your guests, having extra gloves, hats, and scarves on hand can be great for those who forget them. Also, having hot chocolate, coffee, and maybe even fire pits to roast smores on while they wait could be not only fun for your guests, but render the cold almost unnoticeable. You can also rent heaters, such as those from Signature Event Rentals, to keep your guests cozy and comfortable. Not only are heaters a great idea to generate warmth, but they will also promote conversation amongst your guests as they huddle around, waiting for your perfect moment to take place.

Odds are, in the winter it will be cloudy out, possibly gloomy even. In order to add some cheer (and some fun, especially for the kids), consider handing out candles to your guests. Research shows we are happier in the light than the dark, and candles are a great way to generate excitement and set the mood. Consider your guests when you are planning your winter wedding.

Your Photographs

Winter wedding photographs can be absolutely stunning. However, due to the less light in the winter and the probable cloudy weather, you’ll want to coordinate with your wedding photographer the best time for photos. Furthermore, you’ll want to take your wedding photos in advance of the wedding so that your guests aren’t left out in the cold either. However, you do want to be flexible with photographs as well, depending on the weather. You may have to cut short your outdoor photos if it’s really windy out and plan for more inside than you had wanted.

Winter Wedding Food

After a bit of time outdoors, enjoying the ceremony, your guests and you will be ready to take the wedding celebration inside for the wedding reception. Here, you’ll want to be cognizant of your guests’ needs as well. First off, ensure you have a cloak room for all of your guests’ jackets, hats, and gloves. Ideally, you’ll have someone checking them in for your guests. Next, plan your food to warm everyone up. Soup as an appetizer is a great choice, as well as a warming meal with some sort of meat and potatoes. You’ll also want to ensure you have a variety of warm drinks available inside, such as coffee and hot chocolate. If you are serving alcohol, you can keep the warmth of the holiday season going by offering mulled wine and apple cider, as well as Irish coffee or cocktails with whiskey and Baileys to get the party going. Overall, you want everyone enjoying themselves at your wedding celebration.


Winter weddings are such beautiful affairs, and it’s an opportunity to get creative with your wedding plans and have a wedding that is truly unique. Signature Event Rentals offers the best in wedding party rental equipment for your needs, from wedding table, chairs, and tents to heaters, wedding linens, and a stage in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area.

Our goal is to take the logistics of these items off your plate on your wedding day so you can just enjoy all of the hard work you’ve put in for this wonderful event to happen. You can change your rental equipment order up to seven business days before your event to accommodate any last minute cancellations on your guest list.

Signature Event Rentals in Virginia hopes to make your winter wedding truly spectacular. Call us today to make your event equipment rental!

Challenges of Winter Weddings, Part 1

winter wedding signature event rentals virginia

Weddings are the most important day of your life. After all, you are committing to the person whom you want to spend the rest of your life with; it’s a big deal. As such, you naturally want everything to be perfect because you will remember this day for the rest of your life.

Signature Event Rentals is an event planning and event rental company that offers everything you will need for your wedding event, including wedding tent rentals and wedding chair rentals to linen rentals and wedding decor rentals. We are located in Virginia and serve customers in Maryland and Washington, DC as well. Our mission is to be your one-stop-shop for all event rental needs. We work tirelessly to ensure you are completely satisfied and that your event goes off without a hitch. In this blog post, we’ll offer up tips on how to overcome the challenges of a winter wedding. Contact us today to get started!



Winter weddings can be absolutely breathtaking with the stark trees, a blanket of snow on the ground, and beautiful bride in white with her handsome groom who stands out in the pictures. Yet, weather will be your biggest challenge when planning a winter wedding. If you live in a place where it could be snowing on your wedding day, you’ll need a contingency plan. Thus, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, make sure it is at a venue where you can have the wedding inside in case a snowstorm does blow in. While you may be okay screaming your vows in a blizzard, odds are your guests don’t want to stand out and hear them, especially if they have little kids or they are elderly. Ensure your choice of venue has options should you need them.

Travel Time

Travel in the winter can be challenging, either driving or flying. A winter storm in one part of the country could delay guests to your wedding in another part of the country. Thus, Signature Event Rentals in Virginia recommends that you consider an afternoon or evening wedding time rather than early in the morning. This allows for extra travel time for you and your guests if the roads are bad and allows for the snow plows to plow the road in the morning so the roads are better around the time of your wedding.

Notice of Your Wedding

If you are a last minute planner, then a winter wedding is not for you. Winter in the United States happens during the busiest time of year for everyone with the holidays. The last thing you want is to add to your friends’ and family’s stress by giving people little notice of your wedding. Travel costs are increased during the hectic holiday season, and flights might not even be available. The point of a wedding is to declare your undying devotion to one another in front of those you love, so you’ll want to do everything to can to ensure your loved ones can make it to this special day.

Bring in the Warmth — Wedding Party

Besides the weather, the biggest challenge of a winter wedding is staying warm. You’ll not only want to consider you and your groom staying warm, but your guests’ comfort as well. First things first: the wedding party’s wear. There is a plethora of winter wedding dresses available that are every bit as beautiful as summer wedding dresses. Do choose for warmth, and consider layers underneath your dress such as leggings. You probably want to nix the high heels and go with perhaps some stylish boots instead. Your feet and your head get coldest the easiest, and you don’t want to miss out on some wedding details because you are concentrating on your shivering cold feet. Consider a shawl if you are having an indoor wedding but want outdoor photos. That way you can get some great shots in short sleeves but not catch a cold doing so.

Signature Event Rentals reminds you that you’ll also want to consider the comfort of your wedding party. Choosing a short-sleeved dress for the bridesmaids perhaps is not the best idea for a winter wedding.


When you’re planning a wedding, there are so many moving parts to coordinate that it can be dizzying, from the wedding venue and photographer to the bridesmaids’ dresses and the tuxedo rentals. You’ll usually take all the help you can get.

Signature Event Rentals specializes in making your wedding day truly special by taking all of the event rental planning off your plate. We offer most everything you’ll need to make your wedding day truly special. We offer wedding tents, a dance floor, and audio and visual equipment rentals. We set up everything you’ll need where you tell us to. In addition, we offer heaters, which you can place around your wedding venue in order to make the cold tolerable for your guests, and so much more. Contact us today to get started!

Go Green For Saint Patrick’s Day With These Party Rentals

Saint Patrick’s Day will be here before you know it! As a popular springtime event, Saint Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to throw a big party for your family and friends. If you’re already preparing for your Saint Patrick’s extravaganza, we can help!

As your Fredericksburg party rentals company, we provide everything you need to make your next big event go off without a hitch. In short, you’ve got a little bit of luck on your side this St. Paddy’s Day when you use us as your one-stop-shop for all party rentals. Keep reading below to get a few ideas for a green-tastic Saint Patrick’s Day party!

Green Tablecloths

Tablecloth rentals are a great way to add a whole bunch of color to an event without spending a lot of money. At Signature Event Rentals, we offer tablecloths for rent in several shades of green including emerald, jade, hunter, lime, sea mist, mint, light olive, and kelly, to name just a few. Whether you want to go bold with lime or kelly green or choose something more subtle like light olive, we can help you pull off the perfect Saint Paddy’s day this year.

We even offer a unique sequin tablecloth rental. We think a great idea for a Saint Patrick’s Day party would be to rent several tables and arrange them in a circle. Put one table in the middle with a gold sequin tablecloth to look like a pot of gold!

Green Foods

While we’re no Dr. Suess, green eggs and ham could be a great option for a St. Paddy’s Day brunch if you want to get the party started early. As the night goes on, serve up other green foods like Key Lime Pie, spinach and artichoke dip, pesto pasta salad, and limeonade! Make sure to rent a banquet table to set up the buffet for easy access.

Prepare For Rain

Saint Patrick’s Day is a bar-hopping holiday for a reason. Occasionally we get rained on during the springtime event, so if you are throwing an outdoor party, make sure to take precautions in case of weather. We offer tent rentals of all sizes if you are throwing a big backyard party and need to keep the event outside. We also offer patio heaters for rent so the party can go all night without your guests getting cold.

Ready To Party?

If you’re ready to start planning your Saint Patrick’s Day party, make sure to browse our party rentals website for everything you need from tables and chairs to linens to entertainment and serving equipment. Add your party favorite rentals to your wishlist today!

8 Flowers To Have At Your Spring Wedding

Spring is right around the corner and many couples who are having spring weddings are finalizing the details of the big day. Flowers are a big part of any wedding, but are especially important for a spring wedding. As your wedding rentals vendor in Fredericksburg, we have wedding linens and decor to match any color scheme or flower arrangement you choose. Once you know what your flowers will look like, make sure to reserve your linen rentals and wedding flower displays! Keep reading to learn about some popular wedding flowers that will be blooming in spring.


Irises are an asymmetrically shaped spring slower with soft petals and is a popular addition to spring wedding bouquets. Usually available in white, yellow, and purple, irises can seamlessly fit into any wedding color scheme.


Peonies hit their peak in spring and are known for their luscious head full of petals and their sweet scent. Peonies come in a variety of colors but are usually white, peach, or pale pink.


There are many varieties of tulips and most of them bloom through winter and into late spring. The Dutch tulip is the most common variant and comes in a wide variety of colors, so regardless of your choice of wedding linen rentals, this flower will look wonderful.


These soft-petaled flowers look similar to poppies but are known for their dark jewel-toned colors. If these play a primary role in your wedding flowers, you might want to rent wedding linens that are a lighter color so these springtime flowers pop.


Hyacinth flowers are a little rarer but help create unique textures in a wedding bouquet due to their stock-like shape. Grape hyacinth come in a deep purple color and will pop against a lighter tablecloth when used as centerpieces. Traditional hyacinth, however, comes in various colors so you can rent linens to complement your flowers.


A traditional wedding flowers, you can find roses year-round but they are more available in spring. While classic red roses always look good in a centerpiece, roses come in just about any color you could imagine and can make a beautiful statement against white tablecloth rentals.

Calla Lily

The beautiful calla lily peaks in late spring and is known for its sturdy singular petal that wraps around a bright yellow spike called the spadix. While these come in a few colors, the most common color to see among wedding flowers is white. If you are using calla lilies in your wedding flowers, you can pair them with tablecloth rentals of any color.


The ranunculus is a popular springtime wedding flower thanks to its dense arrangement of delicate flowers. If you are choosing darker linens to rent, opt for ranunculuses in the white to pale pink range, and if you are renting white tablecloths, choose a brighter ranunculus color to create a beautiful contrast.

Which Wedding Flowers will Complement Your Tablecloth Rentals?

When it comes to renting linens for your springtime wedding, you can count on Signature Event Rentals to have everything you need. We offer wedding linens for rent in a plethora of colors to match any color scheme brilliantly. Whether you are choosing elegant white floral centerpieces on white linens or opting to add some whimsical bright colors, we’ve got you (and your tables!) covered.

Whether you are looking for tablecloth rentals, cloth napkin rentals, or both, Signature Event Rentals can make your wedding day look spectacular. We have linen rentals for all shapes and sizes of tables — and you can even rent your tables and chairs with us, too, so you don’t have to try and coordinate multiple vendors. We are your one-stop-shop for wedding rentals in the Fredericksburg area. Add your favorite linens to your wishlist today!

Do You Have Rentals For Your New Year’s Party?

Do You Have Rentals For Your New Year’s Party

If you’re throwing a New Year’s party, it’s time to start getting together your party rentals. Whether you’ll be having 10 people over to your house or 50, or even if you’ve rented a large event space, there are a few things you’ll need to have for a party that goes off without a hitch.

At Signature Event Rentals, we offer party rentals in Fredericksburg and the surrounding area to ensure that your event has everything it needs to be a success. Keep reading to discover some last-minute party rentals that you might not have thought about until now!

Commercial Coffee Maker

Obviously, if your guests have been drinking alcohol they should not drive home, even if they think a cup of coffee will sober them up. But if the designated drivers will be up past midnight waiting to ring in the new year, they may need a little pick-me-up before they drive everyone home. Also, the older we get, the harder it is to stay awake until midnight — so having a commercial coffee maker at your event will keep everyone from snoozing the night away. Create a nice coffee station with creamer, sugar, coffee mugs or disposable cups, and other fixings that your guests might like.

Dance Floor, Lights, and a Sound System

New Year’s Eve parties are always a blast, partially because everyone can let loose and celebrate together. If you are having a real party-party, then make sure you have what you need to party-hardy: a dance floor and a good sound system. To make the night even more boogie-worthy, string up some flashing lights around the area.

Tables and Chair Rentals

If you will be having guests over to your house, chances are you’ll need some extra seating. Signature Event Rentals offers multiple styles of chair rentals and table rentals to fit your needs. From buffet tables to set up food and drinks to cocktail tables to encourage mingling, and from affordable white folding chair rentals to an Instagram-worthy throne loveseat, we’ve got it all. While you’re at it, don’t forget to rent tablecloths to tie everything together!

Are You Ready To Party?

If you are still missing some must-have party rentals for your New Year’s Eve party, make sure to reserve what you need from Signature Event Rentals today! Our stock goes fast around the holidays, so be sure you don’t miss out on any Fredericksburg party rentals including chairs, tables, concession equipment, and more. Browse our site today and add your favorite items to your wishlist!


Do You Have Your Thanksgiving Event Rentals Reserved?

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it! And if you’ve been the lucky family member chosen to host this years’ festivities, you have likely been counting heads and trying to figure out how on earth everyone will fit around your dining table.

While this holiday is a wonderful time for the family (or friends if you’re hosting an annual ‘Friendsgiving’ celebration) to get together, it also ends up leading to one household sacrificing their home, kitchen, and sanity while trying to coordinate people and food for an entire day.

Here at Signature Event Rentals, your Fredericksburg party rentals vendor, we’re here to help your Thanksgiving day celebrations go off without a hitch! Keep reading to find out which essentials you’ll need for the big day.

Rent Tables — And Not Just For Dinner!

If your home will be busier on Thanksgiving than usual, you will want to make sure everyone has a place to sit. However, round dinner table rentals aren’t the only tables you will need. You might also want to rent a banquet table to set up a buffet line. This will make getting everyone served and seated a breeze so the feast can start!

Make Sure Everyone Has A Place To Sit With Chair Rentals

Have you ever been to a dinner party where the host didn’t remember to rent chairs and you ended up sitting in a beach chair at the dinner table? Rather than foraging around your home for objects that might pass as a chair in a pinch, just reserve chair rentals for your guests. Our simple white folding chair rentals make a great affordable option for this purpose.

Keep The Kids Entertained

When trying to coordinate the turkey and the side dishes, having kiddos run around the house can spell disaster. Since this is a family holiday, after all, if you will have a home full of little nieces, nephews, cousins, and your own children, keep them entertained with a bounce house rental from Signature Event Rentals! Our crew can safely set an inflatable bouncy castle up in your backyard and, while it might be a little chilly in November, the kids will stay warm by bouncing off the walls — literally!

We Have The Fredericksburg Event Rentals You Need!

Make sure everyone has a place to sit at the Thanksgiving table this year! At Signature Event Rentals, we can provide high-quality table and chair rentals, as well as linen rentals to kick your party up a notch. Browse our website today to reserve your rentals in time for Thanksgiving!

Throw A Super Cute Gender Reveal Party

When it comes to finding out the sex of your baby, for a long time, there was no way to tell until the baby was born. After ultrasounds became more high-tech, you could potentially find out whether you would be having a little boy or a little girl before the baby was born, but it was not uncommon for the doctor would be wrong. These days, you can usually find out the sex of your baby before the end of the first trimester! The accuracy which doctors can now determine a baby’s sex has made it even more fun to let all of your friends know “what you’re having.”

These days lavish “gender reveal parties” have become trendy, with parents inviting all of their friends and family over for a big celebration. These parties have become more and more popular with the rise of social media and typically take place sooner than the baby shower. While a baby shower is a time for your friends to shower you with gifts, and still traditionally remain women-only, gender reveal parties are a great time for you to get together with your friends and have one last bash before the baby arrives.

Gender Reveal Ideas From Your Party Rentals Company

Signature Event Rentals has two fun gender reveal ideas we can help you with!

The Popcorn Gender Reveal

This one is super fun because the suspense will make the entire event so exciting. Start by renting a popcorn machine and handing your gender envelope to a trusted friend. Set up the popcorn machine per usual (add oil and kernels to the popping mechanism) and have your friend who knows the gender secretly add either pink or blue food coloring to the machine. Then have everybody gather round while the machine heats up. You’ll begin to hear popping and everyone will hold their breath as they wait for pink or blue popcorn to spill out of the top! Plus, everyone can treat themselves to some colorful and tasty popcorn after.

The Snow Cone Reveal

To do this one, start by renting a snow cone machine and purchasing a completely opaque squirt bottle (or paint a squirt bottle with black paint so you can’t see inside). Have your friend who knows the gender fill the bottle with a pink or blue colored snow cone syrup (blue raspberry or pink lemonade make great options). Scoop some shaved ice into a cone and squirt the syrup onto the cone, revealing the sex of your upcoming bundle of joy while indulging in a favorite childhood treat!

How To Decorate For A Gender Reveal

You have a few options here! You could choose gender-neutral decorations with yellows and greens, or you could decorate for both genders with equal parts pink and blue. If you choose our party rentals company to work with, you have a ton of options when it comes to colors for linen rentals, so be sure to add some of those to your wish list.

Foods To Have At A Gender Reveal

Gender reveals typically feature finger foods and desserts rather than an entire meal. If you choose to use food to do a gender reveal, hand over your gender envelope to a local baker who can create a tasty pink or blue cake with a thick layer of white frosting. When you cut into the cake and pull out a slice you’ll know what you’re having!

Need Party Rentals In Fredericksburg For Your Gender Reveal? We’ve Got Them!

Our Fredericksburg party rentals company has everything you need to throw the best gender reveal party! From table and chair rentals so everyone has somewhere to sit to colorful linen rentals, we have everything you need to help you decorate. We can also rent a sound system so no one misses the big reveal! Add your party rentals to your wishlist today to reserve them!

Tips For The Best Fall Wedding

Here at Signature Event Rentals, we are here to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch by being your one-stop-shop for all of your wedding rentals in Fredericksburg and the D.C. area. Fall is a beautiful time for weddings and we wanted to offer a few pieces of advice on how to create a wonderful fall atmosphere at your wedding. Keep reading to learn more!

Choose Fall Favorites For Food

Meat pies, mulled wine, and warm apple pies all scream ‘autumn’. For your wedding’s menu, choose warm comfort foods that will entice your guests on a crisp fall evening. Mix savory and sweet by incorporating foods with candied bacon or cranberry sauce. For dessert, you can serve warm cinnamon sugar donuts and coffee or have a table full of miniature pies for your guests to choose from.

Don’t Let The Guests Get Cold

Fall is a transitional season where the weather is not too warm and not too cold during the day — but at night the temperatures can dip down to the forties and thirties where we are. If you are having an outdoor wedding, take precautions to ensure your guests will be comfortable. You can do this by setting up outdoor patio heaters or offering blankets as wedding favors.

Prepare For The Weather

Fall weather is unpredictable and often rainy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend your fall wedding day outside. Just make sure to plan accordingly and reserve a wedding canopy to keep you and your guests dry. You can reserve a canopy as a backup, or fully embrace the “white tent wedding” look and use your tent rental to help you decorate.

Embrace Fall Colors

Choosing your wedding colors is often a fun part of the wedding planning process. For a fall wedding, we suggest choosing muted, deep colors as opposed to bright, bold colors. Think golds and dusty yellows, wine reds and burgundies, browns and burnt oranges, and winter greens. You can incorporate these colors with your linen rentals or with your floral arrangements and tabletop decorations.

Fall In Love With Your Fall Wedding

You’ve fallen in love with your soon-to-be spouse, why not fall in love with your fall wedding while you’re at it? Make your wedding everything you want and more with Signature Event Rentals! We are thrilled to offer wedding rentals in Fredericksburg and in most cases can travel to the D.C. area as well. Get in touch today to learn more about reserving wedding rentals this season!

How To Throw A Spook-Tacular Halloween Party

How To Throw A Spook-Tacular Halloween Party

Some people love Christmas… others are known for throwing the best Fourth of July BBQ in the neighborhood… and then there are those who go crazy for Halloween. Between costumes, scary movies, and pumpkin-themed everything, there’s a lot to love about Halloween. If this Halloween you find yourself hosting a big party, your favorite Fredericksburg party rentals company has a few helpful tips!

Tip 1: Set A Fun Mood With Colorful Linen Rentals And Decorations

We have made your choice of linen rentals incredibly easy by offering a color called ‘pumpkin.’ This orange linen is bright without being neon, making it perfect for a halloween party. If you’re throwing a big party with lots of table rentals, consider alternating between the pumpkin tablecloths and black tablecloth rentals on every table. Or, if you want to get really fancy, rent black tablecloths with bright orange napkins or vice versa.

Create a Halloween-ready centerpiece for each table. This can be as simple as setting a plump pumpkin in the middle of each table, getting all of your friends together the day before to carve a spooky Jack O’Lantern for each table, or even hitting up your local crafts store for Halloween decorations.

Tip 2: Have the Right Type Of Entertainment

All good Halloween parties should have a solid playlist of Halloween music. The standards include Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, Marilyn Manson’s “This Is Halloween”, “Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, “Monster Mash” and the Ghostbusters theme song.  As your party rentals partner, we offer an audio system for rent to ensure all your guests can hear these spooky jams.

But music is only one part of the entertainment. Because Halloween is all about having fun, make sure to have some classic Halloween games for your guests to play. We’ve listed a few of our favorites below:

  • Bobbing for apples: This classic is always a hit with the kids, and adults might even be willing to dunk their head in a tub of floating apples to try and grab one with their mouth too!
  • Toilet paper mummy wrap:  Have guests split into pairs and hand them a roll of toilet paper. Whichever guest can wrap their partner like a mummy in the entire roll of toilet paper wins!
  • Pumpkin lawn bowling: Lawn bowls is an old game that involves participants rolling a ball (called a bowl) to see who can get theirs closest to the intended target (called a jack). To make this game more Halloween-friendly, replace the bowls with small pumpkins and let the fun begin!
  • Costume contest: We assume you have made all of your guests dress up in their best costumes, so why not offer a prize for the best one? Depending on how many people you have, you can have multiple costume categories including scariest, funniest, most creative, and best kids costume!

Tip 3: Serve Spooky Food

There are several classic Halloween foods that make an appearance at almost every Halloween party. These include dirt pudding (chocolate pudding topped with Oreo crumbs and gummy worms), mummy hot dogs (pigs in a blanket with the dough wrapped strategically around the hot dogs to make them look like mummies — bonus points if you can add dough eyeballs!), and candy apples. However, a quick Google search for ‘Halloween party foods’ should give you some more creative ideas!

Let Us Help You Throw The Best Halloween Party!

Signature Event Rentals is your preferred party rental vendor in Fredericksburg and the D.C. area! We are your one-stop-shop for all of your rentals so you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors, making organizing your Halloween party a breeze. Whether you need extra tables and chairs for your guests, Halloween-colored linen rentals, a quality sound system, or even a popcorn machine for rent, we’ve got you covered! Reserve your Fredericksburg party rentals today to make sure your Halloween party is spook-tacular!