What’s Involved in Hosting a Large-Scale Event?

Large event with set tables

Hosting a large-scale event can be a daunting task, but with the right planning and execution, it can also be a rewarding and memorable experience. At Signature Event Rentals, we have the expertise and resources to help you plan and host a successful large-scale event in Virginia or Washington, DC. From small corporate gatherings and company parties to family reunions and charity galas, our event rentals provide a professional, yet welcoming aesthetic. With our team, you can browse a myriad of crisp linens, catering rentals, and heating and cooling options that all make for a successful event. Read on and contact us today to learn more!

Have a Clear Vision

Before you begin planning, it’s important to have a clear idea of the purpose of your event, the size of the guest list, and the budget. This will help you determine the type of venue you need, the number of tables, chairs, and other rentals you will require, and the entertainment and catering options you will offer. Signature Event Rentals can help you choose the right rentals and services to match your vision for the event, including linens, tables, and chairs.

Secure a Venue

Once you have a clear vision for your event, the next step is to secure a venue. Depending on the size of your event, you may need to rent one of our tent rentals, a dance floor, or stages. It’s important to choose a venue that is spacious enough to accommodate your guests, but also one that is easily accessible and has ample parking. Signature Event Rentals can help you find the perfect venue and provide all of the rentals you need to make it a success.

An event set up with white chairs under a large white tent

Organized Rental Services

Once you have secured a venue, you will need to begin planning the details of your event. This includes choosing a theme, designing invitations, and coordinating the catering, entertainment, and decorations. It’s important to work with a team of professionals who can help you with these tasks, as well as handle the logistics of setting up and breaking down the event. From our convenient rental pickup and dropoff processes to our easy-to-follow set-up instructions and world-class customer service, we strive to be the standard bearers for full-service event rentals in Virginia and Washington, D.C. Our team of professionals has the expertise and resources to help you plan and execute a successful event, taking the burden off of you so you can enjoy the occasion.

Consider Safety and Security

In addition to the physical details of your event, it’s also important to consider the safety and security of your guests. This includes ensuring that all equipment is set up and safely operable, as well as having a plan in place for emergencies. Signature Event Rentals is committed to safety and provides all of the necessary safety procedures to ensure a successful event. We are committed to providing quality customer service, having cutting-edge products, and always being on time for your event. We believe that a professional work ethic alongside diligent safety procedures is what you deserve from your event rental company, and that’s what we provide.

Hosting a large-scale event requires a lot of planning and coordination, but with the help of Signature Event Rentals, it can be a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your event a success with our wide range of event rentals and tent rentals.

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4 Wedding Rental Pieces You Cannot Pass Up

If you’re planning a wedding, renting high-quality pieces can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your special day. Signature Event Rentals in Fredericksburg, VA, is a great place to find the perfect pieces to make your wedding even more special. Here are four wedding rental pieces we think you can’t pass up.  Contact Signature Event Rentals today to get started!


Your wedding tables need to look beautiful and inviting, and that means high-quality tablecloths and napkins. Renting linens will ensure your tables look amazing and are always in pristine condition. Plus, you’ll have access to a wide selection of colors, styles, and materials to choose from.


Lighting is an important part of setting the mood for your wedding. You’ll want to choose the right kind of lights to create the perfect ambiance. From soft, romantic lighting to bold, dramatic lighting, renting lighting can help you create the atmosphere you’re looking for.

Dance Floor:

Every wedding needs a dance floor so that guests can get up and boogie. Renting a dance floor is a great way to ensure your guests have plenty of room to move and groove. Plus, you can choose from a variety of sizes and styles to best fit the size of your venue.

Arches and Chuppahs:

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to rent arches and chuppahs to create a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony. You can choose from a variety of materials and colors to create the perfect look. Plus, these pieces are a great way to add a unique touch to your wedding.

These four wedding rental pieces are essential for creating an amazing atmosphere on your special day. Signature Event Rentals in Fredericksburg, VA, is here to help you find the perfect pieces for your wedding. From chairs to linens, we have everything you need to make your day special. Contact us today to get started!

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How to Plan an Event

How to Plan an Event

Event planning can be quite daunting. Even a small meeting or a casual gathering of friends takes some planning. Things can get even more complex when you’re planning a major event like a large conference. To ensure the success of your event, every little detail must be carefully executed and properly planned. Here are a few tips to help you get started with your event planning and keep you on track.

Determine your goals and objectives

No two events are the same and this is why planning has to begin with setting tangible goals and objectives for your event. The first question to ask is why you’re organizing the event and what you hope to achieve. At the end of the day, an event is only as successful as the goals you have set for it. If you know the goals from the onset, you can plan every part of your event to ensure that the goals are achieved. We recommend using quantifiable metrics to set your goals rather than generic ones. For instance, having an attendance of 100 people is not the same as saying you want a “well-attended event.” Your tangible goals will guide your planning and are the metrics by which the success of your event will be measured afterward.

Organize Your Team

Every event needs the concerted effort of a well-managed team. This is particularly important for large events with a lot of moving wheels. Recruit members for your team to handle all the details of the event. Organizing your team is more than just bringing 10 or 20 people together. You need different committees and subcommittees with a clear leadership structure. This is crucial for accountability and performance.

Establish Your Budget

Determining how much you want to spend on your event is one of the most important aspects of event planning. Highlight some of your most critical expenses such as the venue, food and drinks, entertainment, decoration, and publicity, and get the various teams in charge of them to prepare a budget. Leave room for miscellaneous expenses so that you’re not caught unaware of anything. Even if you don’t have a fixed cost for some of your expenses, determine how much you want to spend on them from the onset to avoid going above budget.

Pick A Venue And Date

The venue and date of your event are two important factors that shape your event planning. The event marketplace is a typically busy place and locking down a venue (especially a good one) can be quite difficult. Your date and venue are closely connected. In some cases, your choice of venue will determine the available date for your event. But in the case of seasonal events, you have to find a venue that is open for the time you have in mind. The most important tip for picking a venue and date for your event is to start as early as possible. You should also make plans for your party event rentals especially for things that are not available in your event venue. Look for a reputable event rental company like Signature Event Rentals, if you’re planning an event in Fredericksburg, VA.


By putting all of these elements together, you should be able to create a practical master plan for your event. Make sure that all members of your team are on board with the plan and aware of your goals and objectives. With so many moving pieces, it’s easy to get blindsided, but with the right team and a solid plan, you should be able to pull off a successful event. Reach out today to get started with Signature Event Rentals!

6 Things to Consider When Renting a Dance Floor

When planning a party, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or another celebration, a dance floor is always a great addition. There is nothing like a dance floor to get the energy flowing and the good times rolling.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss things that you should consider when you are renting a dance floor. Will the dance floor fit into your space? Where should you place it? We are going to cover these questions and more.

If you live in Virginia or Washington DC and are interested in renting a dance floor for your next celebration, contact Signature Event Rentals. We carry dance floors, tables, chairs, and more. 

Where Will You Place the Dance Floor?

If you want to have a dance floor at your celebration, one of the first things to consider is where you will put it. You have to consider the size of the venue, whether it’s an inside or outside venue, and how much space is available.

You’ll also want to choose a location that is central to all of your guests. If a few guests begin to dance, others will be more likely to join in. You want a space that can be the center of your gathering so that everyone can watch and enjoy. 

The Lighting of the Dance Floor

Another factor you should consider when renting a dance floor is how you will light it. This may have an impact on where you place it as well. If you have an inside venue, you should place the dance floor under some lights to show it off. If you have an outside venue, you may want to consider renting some lighting as well. 

Does a Dance Floor Fit into the Budget?

A dance floor certainly adds an element of fun to your event, however, you’ll want to make sure that one fits into the budget. Dance floor rentals are usually available in a range of prices depending upon what the floor is made from, the appearance, and size.

The Size of the Dance Floor

Once you have decided where the dance floor will go, one of the other important things to consider is what size dance floor would be best. You want a dance floor that will fit into your space comfortably, but also one that will accommodate the number of guests you have invited. Ordering a large dance floor for only a few quests can make it seem empty while renting a small dance floor for a large number of guests can lead to not enough space. 

How Easy is the Dance Floor to Set Up?

If you are renting a dance floor, make sure you ask the rental company how easy the floor is to set up. You may be able to hire the company to deliver and set up your dance floor, however, most are designed with ease of set up in mind. 

How Many Guests Are Attending

When deciding on a dance floor, whether it is affordable, where to place it, and what size to rent, you’ll have to consider the number of guests that are attending your celebration. If you have a large number of guests, you will want to rent a larger dance floor, which will make the dance floor rental a bit more expensive. 

Having enough room on the dance floor for your guests is essential to everyone having a good time. You don’t want your guests to be waiting in line to dance. On the other side of things, you also don’t want to go overboard on the size of your dance floor. An oversized dance floor will take up space that you could be using for other activities, seating, or even a bar. Choosing the right size dance floor for the number of guests you’ve invited is crucial. 

Rent a Dance Floor from Signature Event Rentals

If you are looking to rent a dance floor for a celebration or special event in Virginia or Washington DC, look no further than Signature Event Rentals. We have dance floors available for outside or inside events. Our dance floors come in easy to put together sections that ensure you can have the dance floor just the perfect shape and size for your space. Contact us today to learn more about all of our party and event rentals. 

How to Choose the Perfect Chair Rental for Your Wedding

When you’re planning your wedding, you want everything to be perfect right down to the smallest detail. After all, this is your big day, and you want it to be special and memorable. You want everything to be just right. 

A huge part of your wedding planning includes deciding on rentals. Depending upon your chosen venue, you’ll most likely be renting chairs, tables, linens, decor, and even possibly a dance floor and stage. If you can find an event rental company that carries everything, it will make your wedding planning a bit easier. When you are trying to plan the perfect day, the fewer vendors you have to coordinate, the better. 

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss how to choose the perfect chairs for your wedding day. Continue reading to learn more about wedding rentals and if you are planning your wedding in Virginia or Washington DC, contact Signature Event Rentals for all of your event rental needs.

Determine How Many Chairs You Need

While planning your wedding, most people will have to stay within a certain budget and you’ll have to decide how and where to spend that budget. Determining how many chairs you’ll need will help you decide which rental chairs are the best choice for your wedding and your budget. 

Find an Event Rental Company

When choosing an event rental company, you’ll want to choose one that is in your area, has great reviews, and offers a wide range of rental products. If you find a rental company that offers everything that you need, it is more likely that you will find matching tables, chairs, linens, decor, and more. It is also much easier to work with one company rather than ordering each product from a different vendor. It requires less organizing, planning, and results in less stress if you can find a company like Signature Event Rentals in Virginia that provides an extensive selection of event products and equipment. 

Choose the Design that Fits Your Style and Budget

Once you have figured out how many chairs you’ll need and have found an event rental company, it is time to choose the chairs that will best fit your style and budget. You’ll want to consider how much each chair costs to rent and also how it will fit into the overall aesthetics of your wedding reception. 

You can rent chairs that are simple and economic if that is what your budget calls for and they will certainly get the job done. However, if you have a larger budget, you can choose chairs that will be comfortable, inviting, and add to the ambiance of your wedding reception. You can also rent thrones for the bride and groom so that they will have a distinguished spot to sit.  

Contact Signature Event Rentals

At Signature Event Rentals, we offer a wide variety of rental chairs, tables, linens, decor, and more. Our Chiavari chair, one of our most popular chairs, comes in your choice of four different colors to match any wedding. We also offer throne chairs and couches for the bride and groom to enjoy. 

In addition, we carry a selection of chairs for those working a smaller budget. If you are planning a wedding in Virginia or Washington DC, contact Signature Event Rentals for all of your wedding rental needs from chairs to dance floors to catering equipment. Contact us today to learn more.

11 Rentals to Make Any Party More Fun

If you like to throw parties, then you know having the right activities, food, and atmosphere can make your party, the party. Whether you’re planning a children’s party or one for adults, you need to make sure that everyone will enjoy themselves. You don’t want people to be bored and just standing around, so you need to plan fun activities and events that your guests can partake in. 

In this blog post, we are going to discuss some party rentals that can make your party the one that everyone is talking about for years to come. Continue reading to learn more about fun party rentals that could be the perfect addition to your next party.

When you are ready to reserve your moon bounce, cotton candy machine, or dance floor, contact Signature Event Rentals in Virginia. We can help make your next party unforgettable with our party and event rental products. 

A Castle Moon Bounce

If you want to make your child’s next birthday party unforgettable, a moon bounce is the way to go. A moon bounce, or bouncy house as some call it, can be the perfect addition to any children’s party. It draws excitement and provides hours of fun. If you want something to keep the kids busy and smiling all afternoon, a moon bounce is the answer. 

With Signature Event Rentals in Virginia, you can have the moon bounce of your choice delivered right to your home for your child’s next party. You can choose from a princess castle, a jungle-themed castle, a sports-themed moon bounce or a neutral colored castle moon bounce

A Snow Cone Machine

A snow cone machine can make any summer party more exciting and fun. If you’re looking for a treat that will cool off your guests, a snow cone machine might be just the thing for your next party. Making snow cones is a simple process and your guests will love a cold treat on a hot summer day.

With the snow cone machine from Signature Event Rentals, you and your guests can choose your favorite flavors or mix and match for a fun new flavor. Everyone, kids and adults alike, will enjoy having a snow cone machine at the party. 

A Cotton Candy Machine

If you are looking for something exciting for your next party, a cotton candy machine could be just the thing. It’s fun to make and to eat! Imagine a children’s party, or even an adult’s party for that matter, with a cotton candy machine. You will have children and adults lining up for their favorite flavor.

You can rent a cotton candy machine in the Virginia and Washington DC area from Signature Event Rentals for a lot less than you think. Contact us today to reserve a cotton candy machine to make your next party unforgettable. 

A Popcorn Machine

Whether you are having a movie night, a children’s sleepover, or any other type of party or get together, a popcorn machine can make the occasion more enjoyable. You can pop some fresh, buttery popcorn and allow your guests to help themselves to a delicious treat.

The best part of renting a popcorn machine is that it is an affordable option that you and your guests will love. They also make the perfect addition to corporate events if you want to lighten the mood and have a little fun in between the work activities. Contact Signature Event Rentals to rent your popcorn machine today!

An Inflatable Game 

If you want to keep the kids occupied for hours at your child’s next party, an inflatable game is the way to go. They are a blast for birthday parties and can be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages. You can have competitions for prizes or just let your guests play for fun.

At Signature Event Rentals, you can choose from a basketball, football, or floating ball inflatable game. We will deliver it right to your yard or other party venue so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Simply set it up and plug it in for an afternoon full of fun. 

An Inflatable Obstacle Slide

Imagine for your child’s next birthday party — children racing through an inflatable obstacle slide — giggling and happy. Inflatable obstacle slides provide an entire afternoon of fun. You can create teams and have a relay race or just let the kids have at it on their own. 

You can have an inflatable obstacle course delivered right to your door for your child’s next birthday party or other celebration. Check our availability by contacting Signature Event Rentals.

A Dance Floor

Whether you are celebrating a wedding, birthday, or any other event, a dance floor can be a great addition to any party. Both adults and children love to get out on the dance floor and show off their moves, and when you provide them with a dance floor, you are encouraging just that. If you want to have an unforgettable party, a dance floor is a must.

Choose from a checkered black and white dance floor or a wooden one when you rent from Signature Event Rentals. You can choose from all different sizes, so whether your party is in a large spacious venue or a tiny backyard, we have a dance floor that will work perfectly for you. 

A PA System

If you want to DJ your own party and get guests excited and energized, a PA system rental is just what you need. PA systems also allow you to give a speech or hand out awards for a work function. 

If you are ready to rent a PA system, Signature Event Rentals offers a system that is perfect for music or speeches. Your every word will be heard with our PA system.

A Stage

A stage is a great addition to any party where you have either people giving speeches or a band that you want to be the center of attention. If you are celebrating a wedding and want everyone to hear the bachelor’s speech or a work event where you want to hand out awards, a stage is perfect.

Check out the stages offered at Signature Event Rentals so you can have a place for the band to play or to give a memorable speech of a lifetime. Contact us today for more information.

A Bar

The question here is, “what party wouldn’t benefit from a bar?” Whether you are providing drinks at a wedding or birthday, or want a place for the kids to grab a quick apple juice, a bar can make any party more fun. 

At Signature Event Rentals, our rental bar has plenty of space for bottles, glasses, or anything else you need to equip your bar with. Whether you have experience tending bar or are trying your hand in it for the first time, this bar is perfect for your next party. 

A Grill

If you are having an outdoor extravaganza for adults or children, a grill is a must-have. A summer party isn’t complete without the smell of cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, or maybe even some steaks in the air. 

The rental grill we offer at Signature Event Rentals in Virginia has a huge grilling area so you can feed even the biggest crowds. In fact, three people can cook side by side on this grill. Your next outdoor party won’t be complete without it.

Find All Your Party Rentals at Signature Event Rentals

If you are getting ready to plan a party and want to make it unforgettable, rent one of these items from Signature Event Rentals. We proudly serve Virginia and Washington DC. Choose from children’s bouncy houses, grills, bars, dance floors and more. When you choose Signature Event Rentals, you can be sure that your next party will be a hit.

Tips on Planning a Spring Wedding

When we think of a spring wedding, we envision a beautiful light palette of colors. You can feel the light breeze and smell the fresh flowers. Spring weddings can be absolutely stunning and memorable. 

However, springtime can come with some surprises, especially when it comes to the weather. You’ll want to take the time to plan your wedding accordingly so that you can enjoy everything that spring has to offer while avoiding any mishaps from unforeseen circumstances.

If you are planning a spring wedding in Virginia or Washington DC, consider Signature Event Rentals for all of your wedding rental needs. We carry everything from chairs to dance floors to tents. Contact us today to learn more.

Choose Your Venue Wisely

While planning a spring wedding, it can be tempting to choose an outside venue. It’s easy to imagine a perfect spring day but it’s important to remember that spring weather can have its ups and downs. 

Choosing an outside venue can still be an amazing choice for a spring wedding as long as you plan for the possibility of less than clear weather. Ensure that in the event of rain or stormy weather, that you and your guests have a place to go. Choosing to set up a tent to provide shelter can be a great way to have the outside spring wedding that you’ve always wanted without the risk of ruining the cake, gifts, or anyone’s wedding attire. Tents can also help define an outdoor space and look great with the right lighting. 

You also have the choice of an inside venue when planning your spring wedding. Ensure you book your venue as soon as possible seeing as spring weddings are quite popular. 

The best venues for a spring wedding are ones that allow for outdoor and indoor space. They give you the best of both worlds and will ensure that you and your guests are comfortable and dry in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. 

Set a Menu that Speaks to the Season

Springtime is all about renewal. It’s about bright, bold flavors, and food that provides energy for fun springtime activities. When you are choosing the items for your wedding menu, keep the season in mind. You don’t want to weigh down your guests with heavy dishes, but instead give them fuel to dance, mingle, and have fun. 

You can also plan fun spring drinks of both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety. Drinks that are refreshing, light, and citrusy are perfect for enjoying in spring. The hors d’oeuvres, dinner, and drink menus can all feature fresh seasonal ingredients to further keep with the theme.

Have a Beautiful Spring-Inspired Cake

The wedding cake is no doubt the centerpiece of the wedding. After the crowd is done commenting on the beauty of the bride and her wedding dress and how perfect the couple looks together, their next observation is the wedding cake. 

You can have the pastry chef create seasonal flowers from frosting and use colors that celebrate the spring season. A spring-inspired wedding cake will easily be the center of attention, after the bride and groom of course.

Use Flowers that Are in Season

Spring means flowers. When you are choosing your wedding decor it’s best to include lots of seasonal springtime flowers. They’ll add a fresh, beautiful look to any venue and lend to a soft, fragrant aroma. 

When you choose to use flowers that are in season for your wedding, not only is your wedding going to be beautiful, but flowers that are in season are actually more budget-friendly than those that are not. 

Choose the Right Decor

When you are planning a spring wedding, ensure that you are choosing decor that fits the theme. If you are choosing light, pastel colors that are often associated with springtime, make sure that your decor adds to the aesthetics. 

Arches are a great addition to spring weddings and can be decorated with spring flowers. Candles can also add a nice light touch to the decor. Choose decor that doesn’t take away from the flowers and overall spring theme, but instead adds to it.

Choose Signature Event Rentals

If you are planning your spring wedding in Virginia or Washington DC, Signature Event Rentals can help you meet all of your rental needs. We carry chairs, tables, linens, decor, dance floors and more. If you are looking for a tent to ensure your guests have a dry spot or an arch to enhance the beauty of season flowers, we carry it all. Contact Signature Event Rentals today.

Rent Heaters For Your Next Event

When throwing an event, whether it is a wedding, family reunion, backyard barbecue, or a corporate event, certain event rentals are must-haves. It’s a no-brainer that guests will need seats to sit in and tables to eat on. But what about those event rentals that go beyond the bare necessities? 

One of the most overlooked event rentals are patio heaters. Even though our summers are warm and our winters are mild, it is still important to make sure that guests don’t get too cold. 

Signature Event Rentals, your event rentals company in Fredericksburg, is here to help ensure your guests stay warm throughout the entire event! 

Ways To Keep Guests Warm 


They may be old fashioned, but a nice blanket is a great way to take the edge off of a cold night. Between you and your close friends, you’ll be able to find plenty of small blankets to corral for your event. Fold them nicely and put them on a table for guests to take as needed. Make sure to wash the blankets before bringing them to your event and wash them again as a courtesy before returning them to their owners. 

Patio Heaters

This is one that Signature Event Rentals can help with! Our propane patio heaters for rent (propane not included) are your best option for keeping guests warm without encouraging them to hide under a blanket. As they move toward the heat, they will also have the opportunity to mingle with other guests looking for warmth. It’s a win-win! 


Almost everybody loves coffee, and even those who don’t enjoy the beverage might sip on some if they’re cold enough. We have large coffee machine rentals that will brew your coffee and keep it at an ideal temperature for hours. Create a coffee bar with creamer, flavored syrups, and whipped cream so there’s something for everyone to love.  You can also provide hot chocolate, hot apple cider, mulled wine, or a number of other warm beverages for your guests to indulge in! 

Keep Warm With Signature Event Rentals!

Our event rentals company has a few fun ways to help keep guests warm including patio heater rentals and large coffee machines. Take a look around our website to browse our event rentals and find exactly what you need to make sure your next event is perfect. Let us know if we can help you find anything!

Go Green For Saint Patrick’s Day With These Party Rentals

Saint Patrick’s Day will be here before you know it! As a popular springtime event, Saint Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to throw a big party for your family and friends. If you’re already preparing for your Saint Patrick’s extravaganza, we can help!

As your Fredericksburg party rentals company, we provide everything you need to make your next big event go off without a hitch. In short, you’ve got a little bit of luck on your side this St. Paddy’s Day when you use us as your one-stop-shop for all party rentals. Keep reading below to get a few ideas for a green-tastic Saint Patrick’s Day party!

Green Tablecloths

Tablecloth rentals are a great way to add a whole bunch of color to an event without spending a lot of money. At Signature Event Rentals, we offer tablecloths for rent in several shades of green including emerald, jade, hunter, lime, sea mist, mint, light olive, and kelly, to name just a few. Whether you want to go bold with lime or kelly green or choose something more subtle like light olive, we can help you pull off the perfect Saint Paddy’s day this year.

We even offer a unique sequin tablecloth rental. We think a great idea for a Saint Patrick’s Day party would be to rent several tables and arrange them in a circle. Put one table in the middle with a gold sequin tablecloth to look like a pot of gold!

Green Foods

While we’re no Dr. Suess, green eggs and ham could be a great option for a St. Paddy’s Day brunch if you want to get the party started early. As the night goes on, serve up other green foods like Key Lime Pie, spinach and artichoke dip, pesto pasta salad, and limeonade! Make sure to rent a banquet table to set up the buffet for easy access.

Prepare For Rain

Saint Patrick’s Day is a bar-hopping holiday for a reason. Occasionally we get rained on during the springtime event, so if you are throwing an outdoor party, make sure to take precautions in case of weather. We offer tent rentals of all sizes if you are throwing a big backyard party and need to keep the event outside. We also offer patio heaters for rent so the party can go all night without your guests getting cold.

Ready To Party?

If you’re ready to start planning your Saint Patrick’s Day party, make sure to browse our party rentals website for everything you need from tables and chairs to linens to entertainment and serving equipment. Add your party favorite rentals to your wishlist today!

Do You Have Rentals For Your New Year’s Party?

Do You Have Rentals For Your New Year’s Party

If you’re throwing a New Year’s party, it’s time to start getting together your party rentals. Whether you’ll be having 10 people over to your house or 50, or even if you’ve rented a large event space, there are a few things you’ll need to have for a party that goes off without a hitch.

At Signature Event Rentals, we offer party rentals in Fredericksburg and the surrounding area to ensure that your event has everything it needs to be a success. Keep reading to discover some last-minute party rentals that you might not have thought about until now!

Commercial Coffee Maker

Obviously, if your guests have been drinking alcohol they should not drive home, even if they think a cup of coffee will sober them up. But if the designated drivers will be up past midnight waiting to ring in the new year, they may need a little pick-me-up before they drive everyone home. Also, the older we get, the harder it is to stay awake until midnight — so having a commercial coffee maker at your event will keep everyone from snoozing the night away. Create a nice coffee station with creamer, sugar, coffee mugs or disposable cups, and other fixings that your guests might like.

Dance Floor, Lights, and a Sound System

New Year’s Eve parties are always a blast, partially because everyone can let loose and celebrate together. If you are having a real party-party, then make sure you have what you need to party-hardy: a dance floor and a good sound system. To make the night even more boogie-worthy, string up some flashing lights around the area.

Tables and Chair Rentals

If you will be having guests over to your house, chances are you’ll need some extra seating. Signature Event Rentals offers multiple styles of chair rentals and table rentals to fit your needs. From buffet tables to set up food and drinks to cocktail tables to encourage mingling, and from affordable white folding chair rentals to an Instagram-worthy throne loveseat, we’ve got it all. While you’re at it, don’t forget to rent tablecloths to tie everything together!

Are You Ready To Party?

If you are still missing some must-have party rentals for your New Year’s Eve party, make sure to reserve what you need from Signature Event Rentals today! Our stock goes fast around the holidays, so be sure you don’t miss out on any Fredericksburg party rentals including chairs, tables, concession equipment, and more. Browse our site today and add your favorite items to your wishlist!