5 Fun Games You Can Play On Bouncy Castles or Inflatables

bouncy castle inflatable

I bet that if you see a bouncy castle or bounce house, you’d like to jump right in! Looks so much fun, right?

If you’re thinking of renting inflatables for your event, be ready to have a play day of fun and tons of laughter.

Here are some games to consider for kids and kids at heart:

1. Obstacle Course

Get the type of bouncy castle or bounce house that has pillars and other elements you can use as obstacles. This will be a fun competition for the children as well as the parents. The adults can cheer their kids as they watch from outside the soft walls. You can also have a couple of adults be captains of each team so that the game could be a bit structured. Create a route for the children to walk through — a starting point and a finish line. Fastest group to get to the finish line wins.

2. Stop-Bounce

This inflatables version of musical statues is great for tiring the children out. All they have to do is jump as high as they want, then try to stop from bouncing once the music stops. Those that can’t steady themselves will be out of the game. If music isn’t available, you can just use “stop” and “go” as signals.

3. Tag

A basic game of tag but with a bouncy twist. Players can try to jump away so they wouldn’t be tagged.


How about those kids-at-heart, you ask? Fear not. Even though you’re way past your childhood, you can still play these fun bouncy castle games.

4. Sumo Wrestling

One of the fundamental aspects in Sumo Wrestling is to hold your ground when your opponent tries to take you down. Imagine how fun it will be once the players try holding their ground and they just can’t because their feet are wobbling from the soft bouncy platform. How can they even shove their opponent when they can’t even balance?

5. Dodgeball

Another fun game you can play is dodgeball. Regular dodgeball is fun. However, with bouncy castle dodgeball, you may be able to jump higher and leap further, but you definitely can’t land steadily. Plus, any movement from your other peers will influence your own movements.


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