Fun and Simple Super Bowl Party Games

Hey, football fans, the much-awaited Super Bowl is just around the corner! And what better way to enjoy it than to have your friends and family over for the ultimate Super Bowl experience!

Long gone are the days when you just gather your guests and let them help themselves on some wings and beer before or during the big game. Turn it up a notch with these awesome party games that will surely make your guests all pumped up for a one-of-a-kind Super Bowl party!

1. Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

Enjoy this classic game of bingo with a twist! Print ad-themed bingo cards. Look for printable Super Bowl bingo cards on Pinterest. Who says you can’t have fun while the commercials are on?

2. Super Bowl Linemen Game

All you need are tables, football field tablecloths, and cookies for this one — ideally Oreos. Players must stand at one end of the table and slide a lineman (Oreo cookie), aiming to land on a line. Players have to land an Oreo on each line. The fastest team to finish with an Oreo on each line wins!

3. Super Bowl Pop the Balloon

For this special game, we’re giving balloon popping a cool twist! Get small pieces of paper and write a football term on each one. Or a variation would be to put the name of a football player. Before inflating the balloons, place one paper each inside the balloons. Once a player pops the balloon, he has to let his teammates guess the word inside, through a little game of charades! The fastest to finish wins! You can also divide yourselves into two teams and have the one with most correct answers within a certain time win.

4. Super Bowl Hot Potato Game

You can’t let this old favorite miss your Super Bowl party! Instead of playing music, pass the ball during the commercials. The one who is holding the hot potato by the time the game goes back on, gets eliminated. You can also have it by the end of each commercial.

5. Super Bowl Kick Off

This game isn’t just for the commercial break. Grab some chairs, some buckets and some cute toy stuffed footballs for this super fun and easy game. One player should sit at the opposite side of the room with a  bucket on top of his head. His teammates will then take turns in kicking the toy footballs aiming to put it inside the bucket. The team with the most stuffed footballs in their bucket wins!


wood party table

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