Make It A Springtime Wedding to Remember

Having a springtime wedding is not only convenient but also practical. Not to mention very popular. There are plenty of reasons why many brides love the idea of a spring wedding. Here are a few things why springtime is the perfect time for a wedding:

1. The weather is (almost) perfect.

It will be warmer by this time but it would not yet be as hot as summer. So having an outdoor wedding is very reasonable.

However, you have to be ready if it rains. Brace for April showers by having on standby some rain boots that match your color motif.

You can also incorporate safety precautions into your decor by hanging umbrellas as ornaments — ready to be grabbed once it rains — or you can suspend them from the ceiling to replace streamers.

2. Everything is blooming!

You have a wide range of options for your flower arrangements. Look at all the flowers in season! If you don’t want to choose the classic roses, you can choose from cherry blossoms to peonies and hydrangeas to tulips. If you like being whimsical, you can wear floral wreaths, and add butterfly details to them! Floral baskets for the bridesmaids would be lovely, too!

spring wedding flowers

3. You can choose from a wide variety of colors.

And since it’s spring, having a colorful motif won’t look tacky or over the top. Pastels are widely preferred, as these soft colors provide a beautiful contrast against the green nature backdrop, especially baby pink, sky blue and mint green. You can play around with these colors for your wedding decor. But of course, you’re free to choose your own colors for your wedding. 

4. There are more dress code options.

For spring, dress codes can be more low-key. Hemlines can be higher and fabrics could be lighter. Brides can wear tea-length chiffon dresses as their bridal gowns. Grooms could wear those cute little bow ties that match the color of the motif. Bridesmaids can opt for pastel and floral maxi dresses. Think lighter hues and textures for dresses and suits.

5. Flexible reception ideas

You can have a daytime or nighttime reception in a gorgeous garden setting. That would be so pretty! There are lots of food options you can serve. For example, for a more dainty approach, you can choose to have cupcakes and top them with pastel-colored icing. This could be plain or decorated with simple edible flowers. It looks minimalist but it will be adorable. Having a brunch reception is also acceptable.

You can read up on a lot of springtime wedding ideas, but to have a truly memorable wedding, make sure to make it as unique to you as possible. Happy planning!


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