Save the Date: Common Wedding Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Save the Date: Common Wedding Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

You’re preparing for the big day, and the wedding planning is in full swing! But there are some things you need to watch out for if you want to make sure your special day is just as you want it. Here are some of the most common wedding mistakes, and how you can avoid them.

Overspending on one thing

Typically, there’s one aspect of the wedding where many couples tend to splurge most, or even overspend. For some, it’s the wedding gown, others it’s the cake, and for others it’s the venue. Committing too much money on one aspect of the wedding could get you in a tight spot when something else comes up, like when you need to rent extra tables and chairs for an expanding guest list.

The surest way to prevent this is to make a comprehensive budget way before you commit to anything. Your budget will determine your options. Run through each element of the wedding, from the ceremony to the honeymoon. This way, you can manage your costs even when you run into surprises.

Sending out the wedding invites too early

You should send out the save-the-dates early, but being too early also has unwanted consequences. The best time to send out these invites will be after the guest list has been firmed up and finalized. People who receive the invites may have fallen out of the guest list in the intervening months, and new people may have taken their slots. These instances can be tricky to resolve, so avoid them together by sticking to the list.

Assuming those invited won’t make it

Statistics say that around 10% of those you invite can’t come, and the numbers go up to 20% if there’s significant travel involved (as in destination weddings). But don’t send those invites just for show. There’s still a chance everyone invited will come, and that’s something you have to prepare for. So check that guest list again.

Not taking the weather into account

It doesn’t matter what the weather forecast says, or if most of your ceremony is done indoors. A surprise downpour can put a damper on everyone’s spirits, and you need to take this into account when making your plans. From having umbrellas and coats ready to arranging a standby tent or emergency transportation when needed, make sure neither you nor your guests will be affected much by the rain, snow, wind, or sun.

Trying to please everyone

It’s your wedding! Don’t stress about what others might think of your decisions. Worrying will take the fun out of wedding planning and the focus away from what everyone should be celebrating.

If you’ve got a handle on all these, chances are your wedding will be the fairy tale you hope for it to be!


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