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Dress Up Your Next Event With Signature Event Rentals

When it comes to your special event, whether it’s a wedding, big anniversary party, or a corporate gathering, cover the needs of all your guests by providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Signature Event Rentals ensures that your event goes off without a hitch — the details are our specialty. We offer a variety of affordable rentals including event furniture. Give your guests a place to rest and recharge to keep the event going!

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Bring Your Event Together With The Right Furniture

  • Furniture – Thrones & Couches
  • Chairs – Crossback, Benches, & More
  • Tables – All Shapes & Sizes
  • Bars

Don’t Overlook Event Furniture!

If you’re planning an event at a venue that doesn’t offer or have event furniture, it’s important to rent furniture to better accommodate your guests and keep them comfortable.

While tables and chairs are pretty standard, if you’re looking for a way to elevate your gathering even more, we have fun and affordable furniture options to do so!

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Special Furnishings

Beyond renting event tables and chairs, Signature Event Rentals has special furnishings that really heighten the space of any gathering.

Event furniture, such as a pair of thrones for the wedding couple or a couch, is a detail that everyone loves. Not only does it provide additional seating, but it’s a social area where guests can mingle on and off the dance floor, or catch up somewhere other than their assigned tables.

Create a fun and engaging space with special furnishings.

Event Tables & Chairs

Tables and chairs are one of the most crucial components to a successful event — they provide a space for guests to kick back and relax and enjoy a meal.

There are a variety of tables available from Signature Event Rentals to tailor to the kind of atmosphere you’re looking for — from formal weddings with long rectangular tables to cocktail tables at a corporate event where people can mingle, we can accommodate it all!

With chairs, people often like to match them to the table aesthetic. We have a collection of chairs, from padded folding chairs to wooden crossback chairs, that effortlessly integrate with all of our tables.

Kickoff Your Gathering With Premier Event Furniture Rentals From Signature Event Rentals

The professional and experienced event rental team is ready to create your dream space where you can celebrate any special occasion. For more information on the event rental furniture we carry or for specific requests, connect with Signature Event Rentals today.









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