Floating Ball Game


Price is for weekend.  Customer pickup Friday/Saturday and Return Monday.  Signature Event Rentals does not setup/install any inflatable. Customer is responsible for install and safety of the inflatables and persons using the inflatable.

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This inflatable ball game takes birthday parties to the next level!

  • Keep kids and adults alike entertained
  • Knock down floating balls for points
  • Perfect for birthdays, school events, and picnics
  • Includes backing and siding to block wind

This isn’t your ordinary inflatable rental for kids’ birthday parties! This floating inflatable ball game rental takes fun and games to the next level! How does it work? Watch as balls “magically” float on top of each point (we’ll give you a hint, they float thanks to a constant stream of air). Then, use another ball to knock them down! Keep track of points, or simply play for fun to practice your aim. That’s just one way to use this cool inflatable ball game. As the perfect kids birthday party rental, there are tons of games the kiddos will create with this inflatable rental! Reserve your birthday party rental from Signature Event Rentals today!

  • Unit Height: 8 ft
  • Unit Length 13 ft
  • Unit Width: 6 ft


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