Party Supplies: What to Rent, What to Buy

Party Supplies: What to Rent, What to Buy


While you are tempted to buy everything for your party, it could be wasteful to do so without even considering if it would be more practical to just rent some. 

So how should you decide what items to purchase and which ones to rent?

1. Consider what you want to keep (or give away).

Ask yourself how big the event will be. With big events, people usually get catering services where they rent out the utensils and equipment, because it is simply too expensive and impractical to buy and keep 50 sets of plates, and 50 pairs of utensils, etc. Remember that when you buy something, you’ll have to keep them somewhere. Do you have storage space ready for your party supplies? Will you be using them often, or will you be storing them for years before finding another use for them? The same goes for tables and chairs. 

For small events (of up to 12 people), it’s best to buy utensils, plates and glassware as these types of events are sure to happen more often. 

2. Decide which items you want to splurge on.

If you constantly throw get-togethers and social functions, and if you like to cook the food yourself, you can invest with purchasing quality cookware. 

And if you’re into DIY crafts, you can buy some materials for party decoration in bulk to save more in the long run. 

3. Compare what items you can use outside of the party scene.

The best example for this is an outdoor grill. If you can see yourself having a barbecue at least once a week or twice a month, even if there isn’t a party, buying a grill would be practical. 

Likewise, board games and outdoor game props could be used at home, even without a party. Board games like scrabble and chess can be used even when you only have a single person for company. Additionally, outdoor game props like a giant Jenga set or a giant chess board and pieces, can be used as decor when the party’s over. Even tabletop games can be used as decors while waiting for the next party. 

There are times that renting your party supplies is not just economical, but also more practical. Talk to a trusted party rental provider in your area to see what’s available.


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