Make Your Company Picnic Memorable With These Party Rentals

Many businesses hold an annual company picnic – an outdoor fun-in-the-sun event where all of the employees and their families get together to make memories and build relationships. These events are usually made better by some good barbecue and a couple organized team building events. But more importantly, your employees show up to have a good time and hang out, so make sure you provide everything they need to make that happen. Keep reading to learn more about what you need to throw the best company picnic!

Signature Event Rentals specializes in party rentals in Virginia and D.C. Based out of Fredericksburg, we deliver to the surrounding areas and specialize in bounce house rentals, table and chair rentals, party tent rentals, and all other supplies you need to make your event one for the books. Be sure to reserve your party rentals today, as we get very busy during the spring and summer!

Essential Items For The Best Company Picnic

Good Speakers And Good Music

If you don’t already have the proper equipment, you might need to rent a PA system. You’ll most likely want to make some sort of speech or have an awards ceremony of sorts, so a system that can do more than just bump jams from your old iPod is essential. Signature Event Rentals offers a “gig-in-a-box” PA system for rent that includes everything from speakers to a microphone and a sound mixer if you want to get really into it.

The quality of speakers only matters if the quality of music is good as well. So as much as you would love to blast “Africa” by Toto and The Best Of Jimmy Buffet all day, your employees might like to mix it up a bit. Consider using a pre-made playlist of popular songs from a streaming service like Spotify or send out an employee survey for song requests before the picnic.

Bounce House Rentals To Keep The Kids Busy

Company picnics are family events, sure, but your employees will most likely want to spend some time enjoying the sun and getting to know their coworkers. If there’s anything that can put an end to the fun times before they even begin, it’s a kid pulling on their mom or dad’s arm begging, “When can we gooooo?”

Be sure that you provide plenty of activities to keep kids entertained. Not only does this keep the parents free, but it also makes the kids feel like they’re included when you offer kid-specific activities. Bounce house rentals are always a good place to start – no kid has ever turned down the prospect of jumping in a bouncy castle. You might need a few, depending on how many kids you expect. You can also hire a balloon artist, a face painter, or even organize a water balloon fight if the weather permits.

Be Sure There’s A Place To Sit

We know that a traditional picnic takes place on a nice red and white gingham blanket on a grassy hill with perfectly sliced watermelon and fresh lemonade. But this isn’t a traditional picnic, it’s a company picnic. Your employees will enjoy this time much more if there is a place to sit that isn’t on the ground.

Rent tables of various sizes and be sure to have plenty of chairs. People will most likely spend a lot of time walking around, but as soon as you open up the buffet line, everyone will be fighting for a seat. Musical chairs is fun and all, but it’s less fun when you have a plate of BBQ in one hand and a beer in the other. Everyone should have a place to sit. If you’re having the picnic at a park that has picnic tables, keep in mind that this likely won’t be enough to sit everybody.

Keep It Cool In The Shade

Company picnics normally take place in spring or summer when the weather finally starts to warm up. However, in our area, the weather can be a little unpredictable. You never know if your June picnic is going to be pouring rain or hot and muggy. Take this into consideration when you’re booking your party rentals. Be sure to invest in a couple of party tent rentals so your employees can take cover from the sun or rain.

We Have The Party Rentals You Need

Be sure you have everything you need to throw the best company picnic this year. Signature Event Rentals has all of the Fredericksburg party rentals you need to make your next event a smash. From bounce houses to tables to tent rentals, reserve your party rentals today!