Indoor or Outdoor Wedding: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect. Every decision she makes is a big one. There is a lot to consider when choosing whether to do your wedding indoors or outdoors. Let’s talk about a few pros and cons to help you decide.

Outdoor weddings

An outdoor wedding is perfect for those who won’t mind making Mother Nature a part of their special day. You can rent a farm, have your ceremony on the beach, or have a romantic garden wedding. Some brides even prefer to hold it in their own backyard to lessen the costs.


Pro: Abundant space

If you and your partner have a very large family — with children who’ll probably run around — holding your wedding outside is the better choice.

Con: Noise

You have to make sure your event is far from traffic noise, or that your program won’t get interrupted by mother nature.


Pro: The Golden Hour

If you choose to hold it during the sunset, or just a bit after dawn, you’ll get the perfect photos courtesy of the magic hour.

Con: Bugs and blinding sun

Along with the golden hour, comes the bugs like mosquitos and crickets. And for sunny, daytime weddings, the bright, blinding sunshine might be a problem for your guests.


Pro: Lesser Decor

You can make use of the trees and the plants in the area. There’s natural lighting. Just be ready with artificial lighting once the sun sets.

Con: You need to be prepared

You’ll have to produce a wedding tent big enough to cover all the guests and the equipment, as well as the tables and chairs you rented, should the weather change.

 indoor wedding

Indoor weddings

Indoor weddings are more common. For an indoor wedding, you can have your wedding during any season or any weather. Plus there are many options for wedding venues, like fancy reception halls, hotel banquet rooms, or even historic buildings.


Pro: No weather issues

You don’t have to be afraid of ANY weather changes as you and your guests will be safe inside. Indoor temperature can be controlled and there will be no breeze to ruin the bride’s hairstyle.

Con: Fewer guests

Since space will be limited, you will have to limit your guest list, too. But that’s not such a bad thing if you’re on a tight budget.


Pro: It’s cozy and intimate

Having your wedding indoors makes it more serene, solemn. It’s going to make the ceremony more private and personal.

Con: You will need to hire great photographers

Since your pictures would need more lighting, you’ll need the hired photographer’s equipment to make sure your wedding photos are perfect. Plus, since there’s no scenic view to take advantage of, you might need to provide your own backdrop for the reception.


Pro: Decorate to your heart’s content

You can recreate a fairytale scene or you can fill the place with fairy lights. Decorating would be a blast when you’re indoors. You can design your venue any way you want (or as long as the owner allows it).

Con: Costs would consume your wallet’s content

If you want to style the place and make it look great, you’ll have to spend a great amount — from flowers and centerpieces, to balloons and styrofoam pillars.

Indoor or Outdoor Wedding: What’s your choice?

Whether you will choose an indoor or outdoor wedding will largely depend on your budget and what your dream wedding looks like. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of an outdoor or indoor wedding, what type of wedding would you choose?


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