How To Uninvite Guests to Your Party

How To Uninvite Guests to Your Party 

A creepy co-worker got invited to your party. A possible stalker-slash-party-crasher found your party details. You suddenly had a falling out with a friend. People who get on your nerves self-invited themselves to your party. 

There are a lot of possible reasons you might want to un-invite someone to your party. However, as much as you want to tell them to their face that they are not welcome, you feel like there might be some other way to do so. 

Sad to say, but there isn’t really a good way to uninvite someone without hurting their feelings. Most likely they’ll be on to you or have an idea of what’s going on. While it’s best to tell them the truth, it is understandable that you’d want to try to not ruffle any feathers. 

You have three options to deal with this dilemma: to lie, to tell the truth, or to cancel the party. Whatever you choose will have both pros and cons, and it’s a matter of how ready you are in dealing with the consequences of your decision.

Option 1: Tell the truth.

It might strain your relationship with the unwanted person, the truth will set you both free. 


  • The unwanted person will have no choice but to accept that he isn’t invited.
  • There is no need to be afraid of a lie backfiring, or a need to come up for more lies. 


  • You’ll surely hurt the unwanted person’s feelings. 
  • If it’s a crappy relative, you’d probably never live it down.

Option 2: Lie.

Here’s a sample scenario: If the unwanted person is an acquaintance, claim that a very close friend was suddenly available and that it’s too late to add another seat to the table. You can also claim to be downsizing because too many people are planning to show up and the venue can’t handle it.


  • This lessens the blow on the unwanted person’s feelings. 


  • Provided that the person-to-be-uninvited bites, it could backfire if he finds out the truth from other people. Say he saw a picture of someone else in social media having fun at your party, or someone invited (who had no idea of the situation) tells him about the party.
  • It is most likely to backfire if the person is inside your inner circle, like a family member in a family gathering or a co-worker in a party among officemates.

Option 3: Cancel or Postpone the party.

Not brave enough to tell the truth but afraid they’ll catch you in a lie? Just cut the problem in its roots. Cancel the party. 


  • If you cancel the party, there is no need to deal with the unwanted person.


  • It could be a hassle to move the date or to reschedule with your vendors. 
  • The only way postponing would work is if the unwanted person is busy on the new date.
  • Only really possible with small gatherings like a dinner party or a lunch out.


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