How To Clean Up After A Party At Home

How To Clean Up After A Party At Home

Enjoyed last night’s party with friends at your home? Now comes the hard part: the morning-after cleaning. You’d think cleaning up your home after a party is technically easy, but knowing how to clean efficiently and effectively is what’s more important. 

Here are some tips to remember when you have to clean up your home after last night’s party. 

  1. Gather your cleaning materials.

Doing so will avoid you having to rinse off the soap and wipe off each time you need an item. Also, should you need an item, it’s already accessible so you need not have to go looking everywhere for it since it’s already there.

Aside from a pail of water, bleach detergent, and scrub, make sure you have a pair of rubber gloves ready. It is also recommended to prepare a vacuum, stain remover stick and a few garbage bags. 

  1. Check even the unlikely, unusual spots.

Aside from picking up all the litter and leftovers, you have to check all the nooks and crannies of your house for food crumbs, and spilled liquid. While you might think it’s impossible for clutter and garbage to reach a certain area, it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that you get everything covered and cleaned. You wouldn’t want to risk a rat, roach, or ant infestation. 

Don’t forget to look (and clean) under the carpet, between the couch cushions and any other possible surface that a guest might have used. 

  1. Make sure that your bathroom is clean.

If you’ve ever seen a drunk person, you’ll know their aim when peeing deteriorates. Hence, your walls might have fallen victim to an unsolicited shower. Moreover, a guest could have peed on any other surface other than the bowl (you never know). So to be safe, you have to clean everything. Another thing is that most likely, you’ve run out of toilet paper, so don’t forget to restock. 

Bonus: Check your furniture, like wooden tables or any other wooden surface, for water rings, as guests might not have used coasters with their drinks. Additionally, search your carpet for stains that you might not have noticed immediately so that you can spot treat it as soon as possible.


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