Have A Lovely and Lively White Wedding

Have A Lovely and Lively White Wedding

Many people will tell you that an all-white wedding will seem empty and drab. But it’s actually possible to have one that’s not dreary. Also, while using mostly white, you won’t be able to avoid having a touch of other colors, like the greenness of the stems of the white flowers. 

You don’t have to whitewash everything as these small hints of other colors are what will give your wedding the elegance and the luxurious feel you want. 

Aside from the all-white flowers, here are some other things you should consider when having a white wedding. 

The invitations need not be lifeless.

While you’re still going with an all-white theme, your invitation doesn’t need to be literally all-white. You would need other colors to write things on it. No worries if you’re going for minimalism, as you can choose subdued colors — black against a backdrop of white, or you can choose gray for the font color instead. 

If you’re not really going for minimalism (and you aren’t afraid to use other colors), you can incorporate any color but make sure that the focus is still white. Use a chunky large font (against a single color) for the invitation cover. Much better if you use some graphics, say, illustrations of people all wearing white. 

White has a variety of style choices.

There’s no need to be afraid that the entourage won’t have that many style choices. On the contrary, the color white still has many shades to choose from — there’s ivory, cream, snow, eggshell, or milk. Plus, you can still play with the different textures and fabrics for the bridesmaids’ dresses. 

If the groom isn’t keen on wearing shades of white for his suit, he can still follow the motif by wearing pale colors like a light brown tux or a pale gray one. 

White blocks of cake are still beautiful.

You can still opt for some hints of other colors to decorate your white cake. Additionally, you can use flowers (whether edible or not) to style your wedding cake, and let the green of the stems and leaves give it the pop of color you want. If you’re all-in with the single white color, what you can do is play with the texture of the icing. 


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