Don’t Let Bad Weather Ruin Your Outdoor Summer Party

Don’t Let Bad Weather Ruin Your Outdoor Summer Party

Some things are often overlooked that could ruin your outdoor party’s vibe. You put so much effort into planning the perfect outdoor party. But there’s one thing that you cannot control: the weather. You need to be well prepared so that the bad weather won’t ruin your big event.

Want to know if it will be great day, weather-wise, to be outside on the date of your summer party? Check the weather app. It isn’t fool-proof, but the app should give you an idea what to expect on the day of your party.

Here are some more tips to remember so that everyone can have a blast at your summer party, day or night. 

1. Uninvite bugs and other insects.

Afraid your guests might be swatting insects the whole time? Have insect repellents within reach of your guests, so they can put on some should they choose to. 

Watch out for flies. Having flies circling your tables — no matter how few — is unappetizing and will definitely gross out guests. To be safe, you may use covered drinking cups and drinking straws with caps.

2. Use windproof items. 

A windy day could also pose a problem.  It’s not fun to chase after paper plates and empty paper cups being windblown. Consider serving the food in regular dinnerware and silverware or in reusable plastic  instead of paper so that it’s heavier. However, it’s best to still keep it lightweight as the guests might be holding their plates and drinks as they circle around.

3. Stock up on ice and water. 

On a hot summer day, one of the most common things people forget is making sure there’s plenty of ice and drinking water to last the whole shebang.  Ready your ice chests and fill it up with ice. The night before your party, start putting in the drinks so that they are ice cold by the time the event starts. Set up a drinking station where your guests can have drinking water and other cool drinks anytime to keep them well-hydrated.

4. Prepare for a rainy day. 

Rainy days can be a bit more challenging, so make sure that you have a backup plan in case it rains during your event. You could avoid having a rained out party if you have a tent rental.

These may seem like small things but you wouldn’t want to be remembered as the host who threw a party but didn’t prepare for a sweltering day or a rainy day. 


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