Creating An Event To Remember (Even In A Pandemic)

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Despite being amidst a worldwide pandemic, so many wonderful and exciting things are still happening — babies are being born, dream jobs are becoming a reality, and love is flourishing! 

Perhaps — in spite of all the uncertainty 2020 has ushered — you recently got engaged! Congrats! This is a time of celebration and dipping your toes, or who knows, diving right in, to wedding planning! 

Signature Event Rentals has all of your wedding planning essentials in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas for a COVID-safe gathering that will be memorable and cherished by all who share in the festivities! Learn more about the wedding rentals we offer in today’s post. 

Outdoor Weddings In The Time Of COVID

While weddings and social gatherings look different in a pandemic, they can be just as magical and meaningful for your friends and family, despite some of the restrictions. As always, before planning a wedding reception or gathering, always check with your city’s regulations to be mindful of the community at large and to adhere to any rules or recommendations. 

When it comes to planning your wedding in the time of COVID, outdoor weddings are one of your best solutions to keep guests safe and healthy. Below are a few considerations to not only create your dream wedding, but share creative ways of going about it. 

Destination Anywhere!

So, maybe a destination wedding in France or Italy can’t happen, but the amazing thing about outdoor weddings is they can be just about anywhere. Maybe your friend has beautiful land or your parents have a sprawling backyard —any open space can be transformed into a wedding venue with the help of Signature Event Rentals!

Throwing a wedding outdoors is the best option amidst the pandemic — it creates an environment where people can safely social distance while enjoying a gathering. The airflow is good, and it allows the space for people to spread out, better controlling the spread of the virus. 

COVID-Safe Catering

In weddings past, a buffet was the law of the land in catering, but with COVID, they’re no longer an option. Instead of sharing serving utensils and congregating in large groups waiting in the dinner line, plated dishes are going to be the safest option.

Cupcakes instead of cake is also going to be the safest option, because they can be spread out and there is less of a transmission risk with individual desserts that can either be handed out by the catering staff or people can get by themselves throughout the night. 

COVID-Safe Seating

To help keep everyone socially distanced, place each table six feet or more away from the others. Additionally, creating a seating chart of people from the same household will be ideal. 


Require your guests to wear masks at all times with the exception of eating and drinking — this sets the precedent that you are serious about keeping everyone safe while allowing the gathering to still happen. 

Important Details For Keeping Your Wedding Safe

When we talk about weddings and wedding planning, it’s the details that make a huge difference in how guests experience your special day. So, in sticking with tradition, incorporate small details that will keep everyone happy and healthy.

Have a mask station – Before your friends and family enter your gathering, front and center, have a mask station to ensure everyone is wearing a mask. 

Make hand sanitizer available everywhere – From the guest tables and the bar to the photo booth and DJ area, make sure hand sanitizer is the most visible thing around! And, encourage people to use it not only before they eat, but as the night goes on and there are various interactions — going in and out of the bathroom, going in and out of the event area, mingling with people outside of your household, etc. 

Comfort level identifications – Order some bracelets in red, yellow, and green and have guests wear them as an indication of their comfort level. Red means steering clear of those wearing it, while yellow and green may indicate people are more comfortable shaking hands or hugging. This way, it’s not something someone has to explain or feel bad about, and everyone can enjoy the gathering feeling safe. 

Tag the glasses – It’s easy to lose track of your drink — you may be mingling and leave it at another table or you set it down to use the restroom. Whatever the case may be, tag all of your guest’s glasses beforehand just so everyone knows whose is who. And, if the glass gets misplaced or lost, have your guests get a new glass, and, of course, discourage anyone from drinking out of a glass that may be in question.

Essential Wedding Rental Items For Your Big Day

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding or gathering, don’t miss out on these items from Signature Event Rentals. 

Outdoor Tents

From our 30 X 50 West Coast Style Frame Tent to our 40 X 60 High Peak Tension Pole Tent, we have a wide variety of tents to provide an open shelter for an outdoor wedding. 

Wedding Tables And Chairs

Help make everyone comfortable with tables and chairs they can relax in. Signature Event Rentals recommends our Round Farm Table, Round Wood Tables, or Round Woods Cocktail Tables for COVID-friendly seating options (they make it easier to keep the tables socially distanced). 

We have a wide selection of chairs including our top-rated Fruitwood Padded Folding Chair and our White Padded Folding Chair.  

Heating And Cooling

No matter the weather, Signature Event Rentals can accommodate any gathering in any season with our Patio Heaters and Versa Cool Tent Fan. 


To make your wedding the most fun (and safe) that it can be, we have a variety of crowd control accessories, flooring, lighting decor, and linens to create an experience every guest will remember!

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