Challenges of Winter Weddings, Part 2

There is so much to think about while coordinating a wedding that it can be dizzying. Now throw in the fact you want a winter wedding, and it can be downright chaotic. From the weather to the entire wedding coordination itself, there’s a lot to contend with for a winter wedding.

Signature Event Rentals serves the Virginia, Maryland, and DC area with top-notch event rental services, all designed to help you make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch. From wedding tents to table and chair rentals, we’ve got everything you need for a perfect winter wonderland wedding.

In our last blog post, we discussed some challenges of overcoming a winter wedding. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few more winter wedding challenges and offer up some tips on how to solve them. If you are in our service area and need wedding rentals, then give us a call today!


Bring in the Warmth — Wedding Guests

After you’ve spent months, maybe even years, planning your perfect wedding, the last thing you want is for your guests to only remember how cold they were sitting through the ceremony. You’ll want to carefully consider the comfort of your guests when making winter wedding plans. Invariably, there will be delays in the start time, or you’ll always have the family members who decide to show up hours ahead of schedule.

To maximize the comfort of your guests, having extra gloves, hats, and scarves on hand can be great for those who forget them. Also, having hot chocolate, coffee, and maybe even fire pits to roast smores on while they wait could be not only fun for your guests, but render the cold almost unnoticeable. You can also rent heaters, such as those from Signature Event Rentals, to keep your guests cozy and comfortable. Not only are heaters a great idea to generate warmth, but they will also promote conversation amongst your guests as they huddle around, waiting for your perfect moment to take place.

Odds are, in the winter it will be cloudy out, possibly gloomy even. In order to add some cheer (and some fun, especially for the kids), consider handing out candles to your guests. Research shows we are happier in the light than the dark, and candles are a great way to generate excitement and set the mood. Consider your guests when you are planning your winter wedding.

Your Photographs

Winter wedding photographs can be absolutely stunning. However, due to the less light in the winter and the probable cloudy weather, you’ll want to coordinate with your wedding photographer the best time for photos. Furthermore, you’ll want to take your wedding photos in advance of the wedding so that your guests aren’t left out in the cold either. However, you do want to be flexible with photographs as well, depending on the weather. You may have to cut short your outdoor photos if it’s really windy out and plan for more inside than you had wanted.

Winter Wedding Food

After a bit of time outdoors, enjoying the ceremony, your guests and you will be ready to take the wedding celebration inside for the wedding reception. Here, you’ll want to be cognizant of your guests’ needs as well. First off, ensure you have a cloak room for all of your guests’ jackets, hats, and gloves. Ideally, you’ll have someone checking them in for your guests. Next, plan your food to warm everyone up. Soup as an appetizer is a great choice, as well as a warming meal with some sort of meat and potatoes. You’ll also want to ensure you have a variety of warm drinks available inside, such as coffee and hot chocolate. If you are serving alcohol, you can keep the warmth of the holiday season going by offering mulled wine and apple cider, as well as Irish coffee or cocktails with whiskey and Baileys to get the party going. Overall, you want everyone enjoying themselves at your wedding celebration.


Winter weddings are such beautiful affairs, and it’s an opportunity to get creative with your wedding plans and have a wedding that is truly unique. Signature Event Rentals offers the best in wedding party rental equipment for your needs, from wedding table, chairs, and tents to heaters, wedding linens, and a stage in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area.

Our goal is to take the logistics of these items off your plate on your wedding day so you can just enjoy all of the hard work you’ve put in for this wonderful event to happen. You can change your rental equipment order up to seven business days before your event to accommodate any last minute cancellations on your guest list.

Signature Event Rentals in Virginia hopes to make your winter wedding truly spectacular. Call us today to make your event equipment rental!

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