Calling The Crossback Chair

Creating a wedding to remember with Signature Event Rentals!

If you’re planning a wedding — the details matter. From picking a wedding theme and colors to the bright botanicals and table centerpieces, it is a lot of work, but it’s also bringing your vision to life. 

Then there are the smaller less thought of details that actually help bring your special day together — the chairs. Don’t forget the chairs! 

Signature Event Rentals cultivates dream weddings in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area with our specially curated wedding rentals. Learn more about our Crossback Chair in today’s post. 

Wedding Rental Essentials: The Chairs

Whether you’re planning a backyard wedding and need to rent just about everything or you have a venue who provides most of the basics, it’s important to center these things around your aesthetic and comfort. 

Renting chairs even when a venue provides them is a common investment during wedding planning. Many of the chairs just don’t have the aesthetics that bring a cohesiveness, but Signature Event Rentals does! 

Don’t get stuck with office chairs or outdated hotel chairs for your wedding, and select a chair that breathes life — and arguably comfort — into your big day. 

Why focus on wedding chairs?

When people move from the ceremony to the reception, they make a grand entrance and survey the room — they spot the immaculate details you poured over for your table decor. The linens, the flatware, and yes, even the chairs. 

There are a myriad of wedding chairs to choose from, with the most popular wedding chair designs available in a wide range of price points, so you’ll always have a beautiful option that fits your budget. 

The Crossback Chair From Signature Event Rentals  

The Crossback Chair from Signature Event Rentals is an elegant and timeless option for wedding chair rentals. It looks like a piece that you would find in any home but multiplied for your many guests, providing a relaxing and cozy aesthetic. 

The design of the Crossback Chair starts with solid hardwood that contours to the body with a slightly curved seat and the classic crossback curved wood backrest for the ultimate support and comfort when your guests are taking a break from the dancefloor. 

It too has details you’ll love — slightly curved front and rear legs and a rainbow-shaped spindle in front. The smooth and flowing lines give it a romantic style perfect for any wedding reception. 

The Crossback Chair can be used as-is or dressed up to enhance the colors and theme of your wedding. Colored fabric wrapped around the backrest is a very traditional decoration, while some tie guest’s names to the back. You can be as creative and detailed with the decor of the Crossback Chair without losing the simplicity or making it too gaudy. 

The Versatile Crossback Chair

The Crossback Chair has a multifaceted design, making it a perfect piece for a variety of weddings. 

The Outdoor Wedding

Perfect for a summer wedding, the Crossback Chair is a charming addition to the bright florals of the season. The flowing design and curved pieces harmonize with a round table, but also look great with a long rectangle shape as well. 

The simple and clean design matches any wedding color and is an extremely affordable choice. 

Rustic Farm Weddings

If you’re throwing a rustic farm wedding, the Crossback Chair melds perfectly into the ambiance — copper cups, mason jars, and all! They weather well in an outdoor wedding and ours are coated with a polyurethane varnish keeping them protected.   

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with the Crossback Chair — it’s sophisticated and elegant as it is simple and distinct. Use it for any indoor or outdoor wedding for a look that will bring your wedding vision to life. 

Wedding Rentals From Signature Event Rentals

Not only do you get the best selection in wedding chairs, including the Crossback Chair, but Signature Events rentals have so many more wedding rentals available. From audio and visual, food service, and concessions to dance floors, linens, and tent rentals, we are your comprehensive event rentals company in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. 

Curate your dream wedding on any budget with Signature Event Rentals today!