Make Your Company Picnic Memorable With These Party Rentals

Many businesses hold an annual company picnic – an outdoor fun-in-the-sun event where all of the employees and their families get together to make memories and build relationships. These events are usually made better by some good barbecue and a couple organized team building events. But more importantly, your employees show up to have a good time and hang out, so make sure you provide everything they need to make that happen. Keep reading to learn more about what you need to throw the best company picnic!

Signature Event Rentals specializes in party rentals in Virginia and D.C. Based out of Fredericksburg, we deliver to the surrounding areas and specialize in bounce house rentals, table and chair rentals, party tent rentals, and all other supplies you need to make your event one for the books. Be sure to reserve your party rentals today, as we get very busy during the spring and summer!

Essential Items For The Best Company Picnic

Good Speakers And Good Music

If you don’t already have the proper equipment, you might need to rent a PA system. You’ll most likely want to make some sort of speech or have an awards ceremony of sorts, so a system that can do more than just bump jams from your old iPod is essential. Signature Event Rentals offers a “gig-in-a-box” PA system for rent that includes everything from speakers to a microphone and a sound mixer if you want to get really into it.

The quality of speakers only matters if the quality of music is good as well. So as much as you would love to blast “Africa” by Toto and The Best Of Jimmy Buffet all day, your employees might like to mix it up a bit. Consider using a pre-made playlist of popular songs from a streaming service like Spotify or send out an employee survey for song requests before the picnic.

Bounce House Rentals To Keep The Kids Busy

Company picnics are family events, sure, but your employees will most likely want to spend some time enjoying the sun and getting to know their coworkers. If there’s anything that can put an end to the fun times before they even begin, it’s a kid pulling on their mom or dad’s arm begging, “When can we gooooo?”

Be sure that you provide plenty of activities to keep kids entertained. Not only does this keep the parents free, but it also makes the kids feel like they’re included when you offer kid-specific activities. Bounce house rentals are always a good place to start – no kid has ever turned down the prospect of jumping in a bouncy castle. You might need a few, depending on how many kids you expect. You can also hire a balloon artist, a face painter, or even organize a water balloon fight if the weather permits.

Be Sure There’s A Place To Sit

We know that a traditional picnic takes place on a nice red and white gingham blanket on a grassy hill with perfectly sliced watermelon and fresh lemonade. But this isn’t a traditional picnic, it’s a company picnic. Your employees will enjoy this time much more if there is a place to sit that isn’t on the ground.

Rent tables of various sizes and be sure to have plenty of chairs. People will most likely spend a lot of time walking around, but as soon as you open up the buffet line, everyone will be fighting for a seat. Musical chairs is fun and all, but it’s less fun when you have a plate of BBQ in one hand and a beer in the other. Everyone should have a place to sit. If you’re having the picnic at a park that has picnic tables, keep in mind that this likely won’t be enough to sit everybody.

Keep It Cool In The Shade

Company picnics normally take place in spring or summer when the weather finally starts to warm up. However, in our area, the weather can be a little unpredictable. You never know if your June picnic is going to be pouring rain or hot and muggy. Take this into consideration when you’re booking your party rentals. Be sure to invest in a couple of party tent rentals so your employees can take cover from the sun or rain.

We Have The Party Rentals You Need

Be sure you have everything you need to throw the best company picnic this year. Signature Event Rentals has all of the Fredericksburg party rentals you need to make your next event a smash. From bounce houses to tables to tent rentals, reserve your party rentals today!

Tips For Keeping Kids Safe In A Bounce House Rental

As a leading provider of inflatable bounce house rentals, we often hear sentiments like, “My child wants a bounce house rental at their birthday party, but aren’t they dangerous?” The simple answer is, “Everything can be dangerous if it’s not used correctly.” Bouncy castles are super fun and a great childhood experience. If there is a lack of supervision or common sense that isn’t used by the adults, then of course there is an opportunity for injuries. We want your kiddos to be safe in our bounce house rentals as much as you do, so we’re here to offer a few pieces of advice to help that happen.

Staying Safe In A Bounce House Rental

Have A Professional Set It Up

Bouncy castle rentals need to be set up professionally and secured to the ground. Even light winds can pick up an inflatable rental up off of the ground. If it is tethered to the ground correctly you will be fine – just use common sense and if hurricane-force winds blow through, obviously don’t continue to use the inflatable.

Be Aware Of The Power Source

If the power happens to go out and a bounce house starts to deflate, it is important to get the kids out of there. Kids might think it’s fun that the bounce house is deflating (the same way they like to lay on a deflating air mattress), but even a small bounce house can weigh over 50 pounds. It is important to always have an adult supervising the bounce house just in case this happens. This situation is unlikely but it can happen if you overload your power source or your generator runs out of fuel.

Take Turns And Stay Organized

In short, big kids shouldn’t bounce with little kids. If you’re using a bounce house at an event with kids of different ages, either rent a bounce house for each age group, such as 6 and under, 7-10, and over 10. If you can’t rent multiple bounce houses, then enforce rules and set time frames for each age to bounce. Two six-year-olds might bump heads if the bounce house is too crowded, but a ten-year-old can do some serious damage if they land on a smaller kid.  

The most common bounce house injuries result from rough housing or kids performing stunts like backflips, which we say is a no-no in a bounce house. The bottom line is that if bounce houses are used correctly, injuries are extremely rare and usually minor.

Keep Kids Safe In Your Bounce House Rental

Like we said at the beginning, bouncy castles are super fun and can make a birthday party memorable. Your kids will love it, and as long as you have a responsible adult keeping watch, injuries are extremely unlikely. When choosing a bounce house rental company, be sure to choose someone reliable who takes safety seriously. At Signature Event Rentals, you can count on our crew to deliver your bounce house on time and ensure that it is set up properly before the guests arrive! Book your Fredericksburg bounce house rental today!

Essential Wedding Rentals For Every Wedding

wedding couple

So you’re almost all set for the big day! Congratulations! Make sure you don’t miss out on any essential Virginia wedding rentals from Signature Event Rentals. Keep reading to learn how to decide how many tables and chairs you will need, as well as what size wedding tent rental.

Essential Wedding Rentals

Table Rentals

We’re starting with tables because, believe it or not, there can be a lot of variation in table sizes and shapes – even at the same wedding. If you are having a cocktail hour before your reception, you’ll obviously need cocktail tables. But you will also need dinner tables, perhaps a few banquet tables for the wedding party, banquet tables for the buffet, and possibly even a separate table for gifts. It is also not uncommon for couples to mix and match table sizes and shapes for their wedding to get the most out of their space.

With all the different types of tables, you are probably wondering, then, how many tables you will need. Our largest circle table rentals are 72” across, which can comfortably seat 10-12 adults. A 60” table can seat 8-10 adults, and a 48” circle table rental can seat 6-8. So take into consideration the number of guests when reserving your wedding table rentals.

If you go for banquet tables, keep in mind that each guest will need at least two feet of space along the table. So one side of an 8’ banquet table rental can seat 4 people comfortably.  That being said, you will obviously need to rent chairs as well. Be sure to get about 5% more chairs than expected guests, just in case a few last minute plus-ones join the party. Unfortunately, not everyone who RSVPs will show up, but you never know who will bring an uninvited guest in their place!

Tablecloth Rentals

Of course, you will most likely want to dress up your tables with tablecloth rentals. Linens for weddings do a lot to tie everything together. At our Virginia wedding rental company, we offer tablecloth and linen rentals in over two dozen colors. So whether you’re having a beachy wedding with aqua blue tablecloth rentals or a cozy fall-themed wedding with pumpkin colored tablecloths, you know we’ll have exactly what you need. And, of course, you can always count on our linens being delivered clean, wrinkle-free, and ready to go. Deciding how many tablecloths you will need is arguably easier than deciding how many tables. Simply make sure every table has a covering, and even mix and match colors for added flair.

Wedding Tent Rental

If you are having an outdoor wedding, as is common here during the spring and fall, you will obviously need a tent rental. Even if you don’t plan on using a tent, having a deposit on one for standby can make or break your wedding should the weather go south. As a leading provider of white tent rentals, you are sure to find the exact size and style you are looking for.

When deciding on a wedding tent size, there are a few things to take into consideration. The first is what will the tent be used for? If you are only using the tent for the reception and not for the ceremony, then you will need a relatively large tent. On the other hand, if you are planning to have your ceremony outside and your reception indoors, then a smaller tent will suffice. Let’s focus on the reception, though, as those will require the most space. A huge wedding with up to 400 guests and round dining tables will need our 40×100 large tent rental. For 200 guests, a 40×40 wedding tent will work, though it may be just a tad on the crowded side if you have tables and a dance floor. For smaller weddings with just under 100 guests, consider at least a 20×40 tent rental. If you are unsure how much space you will need, err on the side of too much rather than too little, especially if you feel there is a likely chance of rain or extremely hot weather. This will give you plenty of space for buffet tables and a large dance floor rental.

We Have The Virginia Wedding Rentals You Need

Based out of Fredericksburg, we serve the surrounding areas in Virginia as well as parts of Washington D.C. Make sure you have all of your wedding rentals booked well in advance so there are no last minute surprises. Reserve your tent, tables, linens, and chair rentals today!

7 Reasons You Need To Rent A Tent For Your Outdoor Wedding

wedding tent rentals

Most couples set the date for their wedding up to a year in advance. It’s no surprise why. With the tough competition for wedding venues, reserving that perfect space for your special day can be tricky. Most outdoor weddings are held in June, September, or October. It makes sense why, too. The weather is hopefully not too hot and not too cold, and you can enjoy the last bits of springtime or the bask in the beginning of fall. However, just because you picked out your day a year in advance doesn’t guarantee you’ll be blessed with perfect weather. And what are those soon-to-be-newlyweds to do if they have a special day that falls, say, in January or August? Today, we’re giving you seven good reasons to reserve a wedding tent rental for your special day, regardless of the time of year. Keep reading to find out more, or go check out Signature Event Rentals’ white wedding tent rentals to reserve yours today!

7 Reasons To Rent A Wedding Tent

  1. Rain: Putting a deposit down on a tent rental just in case is the least you can do to ensure your outdoor wedding goes off without a hitch. In fact, the only hitch on your wedding day should be you and your partner getting hitched! A tent rental is less expensive than canceling a wedding due to rain, so even if you’d rather not use a tent, having one on standby could make or break your outdoor wedding.
  2. Sun: On the opposite end of the spectrum, you might plan your wedding for a nice warm autumn day, and experience blazing sun and 80-degree weather the day-of. While some guests might rejoice, it most likely means your Great Grandma Mildred will be spending the day inside just to find some sun protection.
  3. Saves Money: We mentioned above that renting a tent is cheaper than canceling a wedding due to inclement weather, and that’s true. But that is not the only cost-saving factor at work here. For large wedding parties especially, you will almost always be able to find an outdoor venue that can accommodate your guests for less money than an indoor venue of appropriate size. Additionally, with the beauty of the great outdoors as your backdrop, you will most likely spend less on decorations for an outdoor wedding as well.
  4. It Just Looks Romantic: If you’ve ever watched a British romantic comedy movie, you’ve most likely seen some sort of outdoor garden party or event where everyone is dressed to the nines in big, gorgeous hats. The key feature of these upscale outdoor events is always a sprawling white tent rental. These tents add almost a royal fairytale-like element to any event and make weddings especially romantic.
  5. It Adds Atmosphere: Just as white tent rentals help to make a wedding day feel like a fairytale, they also help to create a cozy atmosphere. Something about being outside, but still being together under one roof makes everyone feel connected.
  6. It Opens Up Decor Options For an Outdoor Wedding: Even though outdoor weddings often use the natural surroundings as part of the decor, there’s only so much you can do to enhance it without a tent. Sure, you can put centerpieces and tablecloth rentals on the tables, but what else can you do? With a tent, you have the option to hang romantic lighting to create a warm and cozy mood or drape fabric around the tent to keep it mystical and airy. You can hang a disco ball above the dance floor or even set up some fun techno lighting to truly make it a party.
  7. You Can Utilize The Season: Since we’ve already established that wedding tent rentals are a must for an outdoor wedding, an outdoor wedding is essential for a seasonally-themed wedding. For example, do you want to have a winter wonderland-themed wedding? You could hang paper snowflakes inside a heated venue…Or you could take the party out into the actual snow. Perhaps a full outdoor reception in the snow would be a little chilly, but consider how unique it would be to have a snowy outdoor ceremony. A rented tent and a couple of space heaters will create a comfortable environment for your guests as you tie the knot. Additionally, an autumn-themed wedding will be much better suited to an outdoor venue surrounded by gold and red trees, as opposed to indoors. A rented tent can make this dream a reality.

Reserve Your Virginia Wedding Tent Rental Today

Winter, spring, summer, or fall – be sure you have a wedding tent rental on standby to ensure your wedding day is perfect. Located in Fredericksburg, Signature Event Rentals delivers premier wedding rentals to the surrounding areas in Virginia and Washington D.C. Whether you need a small 20×20 wedding tent rental or a giant 40×80 tent rental, we have you covered – literally! Check out our selection of gorgeous white tent rentals and reserve yours today.