2020 Wedding Trend Predictions

2020 Wedding Trend Predictions


2020 is upon us and if you’re planning to get married this year, here are some of the wedding trend predictions to take note of, to make it easier for your wedding preparations.

Classic Blue is Pantone’s Color of 2020

Which is not to say you should be using classic blue only as your wedding color motif. Blue is such a gorgeous color, any shade you want it would be great. Darker hues of blue like navy, midnight, royal and even classic blue is rich and bold, and would go well as your color motifs for winter and fall, while paler shades like sky blue or baby blue, powder blue, periwinkle are best for spring and summer.

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More Pink Bridal Gowns

In addition to pastel motifs, more designers are creating pink bridal gowns as they are getting more requests from upcoming brides who want to stand out with their not-white wedding gowns. 

Minimalism Themes 

Going minimalist doesn’t mean bare and boring. It only means that the couple wants to make sure that their focus and the attention of the guests are on the marriage itself rather than the party. Plus, minimalistic themes screams elegance and sophistication. 

Statement sleeves 

Despite having a minimal theme, brides need not get ignored. They will still shine and be the focus of their wedding day. Statement sleeves let them be unique in their own fashionable way. Off-shoulders shows off the bride’s neck and shoulders, while lantern sleeves let the dress have some personality.

Ruffles and Tiers 

It’s also said that ruffles are making a comeback for the bridal gowns. More and more brides are incorporating gorgeous ruffles into their dresses. Tiers are also considered when choosing wedding skirts since it looks great for bohemian themes. 

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Minimalist Cakes 

Nude cakes and those plain-colored geometric cakes are also getting more popular. Nude cakes look more relaxed and rustic, and has a simple beauty you can’t deny. Geometric plain cakes shows sophistication without going overboard. 

Gowns with Pockets

Aside from being fashionable, brides now are looking into functional gowns. They want pockets so they don’t have to experience their wedding day feeling helpless. With pockets, they can now carry their phone, their handkerchiefs and tissues, and touch up their makeup with minimal help. 

Pants and Trousers 

Going more hardcore than dress with pockets, more brides are considering wearing pants to their wedding. If you look great in pants, why not go for it? Plus, most trousers already come with pockets. Also, you can dance to your heart’s content as it’s very movable. 


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