7 Winter Party Themes That Will Impress Your Friends

7 Winter Party Themes That Will Impress Your Friends

Just because it’s winter time doesn’t mean you have to slow down on your partying ways. Winter parties should give you lots of opportunities to get cozy with family, friends, or maybe meet someone new.

So if you’ve decided on a winter party theme but don’t know how to decorate your party, worry not. Here are some cool ideas to help plan your next winter-themed party.

Winter Sports. First on the list of themes are the most popular winter sports — ice skating, ice hockey, skiing, and snowboarding. Since these sports are those that are usually played on ice or snow, you can rent out an ice rink for your venue. If you prefer to hold your party outside, organizing a sports competition is a good alternative.

Penguin Party. You can choose between having a black and white motiff for your party or having everything be penguin-themed.

North Pole. Break the ice by choosing a north pole winter-themed party without making it too Christmas-y. Decorate with snowflakes, icicles, faux snow, penguins, polar bears, as well as snowmen and a ice cave-looking entrance.

Winter Solstice. This theme refers more to the nature aspect of winter. Draw inspiration from snow-covered trees and shrubs, as well as the beauty of the sunset against the white blankets of snow. You can recreate the polar lights and incorporate it into your decor. Or better yet, hold your party outside around a bonfire and gaze at the stars — no decor needed. Just make sure to bring out your thermos of hot cocoa.

Fire and Ice. No need to get cold feet. Do something unique and organize a fire-and-ice winter party. Let your guests choose between ice and fire. Decorate your tables with ice sculptures as well as candles. Mix both elements in unexpected ways.

Snow Globes. Who doesn’t love snow globes? Why not turn your beloved snow globes into beautiful centerpieces? Take it up a notch and upgrade your winter-y desserts. Try creating gelatin snow globe cupcakes!

Fandom cosplay/Character-inspired. Cosplay Disney’s Frozen for a whimsical take. Dress up as Harry Potter characters in their winter robes and drink butterbeer near the fireplace. If you prefer to be a little bit more casual, you can choose to dress up like Peanuts’ characters like Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

Even though it’s cold outside, there’s no need to panic as planning your event can be easy-breezy. Upgrade your winter-themed party into a Winter Wonderland Party with these ideas.


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