Why Your Next Employee Appreciate Day Needs Inflatables

Ever since you were a little kid, you had an inherent desire to feel valued and appreciated. Luckily, you probably had loving parents who provided you with love and affection, making you feel valued. However, as you grew up and left the home, you still have a desire to feel valued and appreciated, especially by your company. Let’s face it, when the challenging days at work hit, changing jobs can cross your mind. But if you feel valued for the work you are doing even when the going gets tough, you will be able to push through it, but more importantly for your company, you will stick around.

Signature Event Rentals is all about helping you make your employees feel appreciated by providing top-notch rental equipment, such as chairs, tents, tables, and inflatables, for your use. We handle the set-up and the take down with no worries on your part. We also provide heaters, linens, and a stage. Our mission is to be your one-stop-shop for party rentals in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area. Below, we’ll list reasons why you need to have inflatables at your next employee appreciation day. Contact us today for the best party rentals!


Inflatable Bounce Houses Make Everyone Smile

There is something about seeing inflatable bounce houses that brings a smile to everyone’s face. And because bounce houses are extremely noticeable, everyone who is attending will be smiling before they even finish parking. Research has shown that smiling is great for your overall health. It boosts your immune system, helps you relax, helps relieve stress, and elevates your mood. Smiling is contagious so when you smile, those around you will smile as well. Smiling can help lower your blood pressure, make you feel better, make you look younger, and make your more successful. Plus, when you rent an inflatable bounce house from Signature Event Rentals in Virginia, you’ll help form memories from your employee appreciation party that your employees will smile all year long.

Includes the Kids

If your employee appreciation party is a family affair and not just exclusively for the employees, then inflatables are a must. Many of your employees are working parents (moms or dads) who sacrifice time with their families to work for your company. This fact alone can be very hard for working parents who struggle with feelings of guilt about leaving their children and feelings of anxiety about the care their children are receiving when they do leave them. When your employee appreciation party includes the kids, it makes parents feel even more valued not only as employees, but also as parents by the company. You are acknowledging their sacrifice in a small way, which can go miles in your employees’ hearts who do have kids.

Word Gets Around

Businesses need to remember that nothing you do goes unnoticed. If you want to attract the best talent to your business and keep the talent that you have, then you need to get the word out there about your existence and about the quality of employment that you do offer. If you invest in inflatable bounce houses by Signature Event Rentals in Virginia, you can bet that word will spread about the incredible summer employee appreciation party you threw that featured inflatables for the kids to bounce on, a stage for employees to dance on or to showcase their talent, a snow cone and cotton candy machine that both kids and adults were lined up for, and a popcorn machine with added butter. There was a huge tent to sit under to get out of the shade and eat amazing catered food under, as well as the best table top decor. Your company went all out to make your employees and their families feel appreciated. You can bet word will spread out to the community and to those looking for a great place to work to feel valued at. And your reputation matters.

Can Help Curb Employee Turnover

No company is perfect because no one is perfect. Many people forget that companies are made up of people, and people inherently are messy. We all make mistakes, and when working for companies, a heart of forgiveness needs to be in play.

That being said, many companies struggle with employee turnover, which can be quite costly given the cost of hiring, training, and then investing in employees who only leave after a year of service. In today’s marketplace, this can be especially trying for companies, and while there may not be much you can do about it, you can do the little things that can make all the difference to someone on the fence about leaving your company. That little difference could be an inflatable bouncy house rental from Signature Event Rentals in Virginia.


Employee appreciation parties gives upper level executives a chance to mix and mingle with their employees in a relaxed, casual, and fun way that is just not possible in an office setting. When your kids are bouncing around in an inflatable bounce house and the head of company comes over to start talking to you, you immediately have something to talk about: about how much fun your kids are having and what a great event this is. During the conversation, both of you will smile, which will elevate everyone’s mood. You may even walk over to enjoy a snow cone together. Word will get around about what a great time you all had and everyone will benefit.

Signature Event Rentals can make your next employee appreciation day not only fun and memorable for the whole family, but one that runs seamlessly with no hassle or worries on your part. Our tent rentals and party essentials, such as chair rentals, linen rentals, stage rentals, and heaters will help your employee appreciation party have everything it needs to be successful and to go off without a hitch. We serve Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area with the best party rentals. Contact us today to get started!

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