Why We Should Celebrate Grandparents’ Day

Why We Should Celebrate Grandparents’ Day

Not everyone is lucky to have their grandparents around. So if you still can, you should take this time to honor them. We celebrate National Grandparents’ Day every September 8th.

Here are some reasons why you should join the celebration.

1. To show your grandparents some love

You might remember how your Meemaw baked you cookies every afternoon, or how your Grampy helped you develop courage when dealing with bullies. These were their way of showering you with love. Spending this day with them will show them that you love and care for them, too. Simply offering to help them with a chore will surely be appreciated. 

2. To catch up with your grandparents

Do they know you love them? Show them that you do. Grandparents are usually overlooked during occasions and celebrations, when we’re busy tapping on our phones, or playing with our siblings and friends. While they also get greeted during Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, the focus is still on our parents so it would be nice to have a specific day dedicated to them. 

If your grandparents don’t live with your immediate family, the tendency is to overlook them. You’ll rarely have time to visit them, especially if you live long distance from your family. Thus, celebrating Grandparents’ Day is a great chance to catch up with them. A quick call would be enough, as long as they know you’re willing to listen.

3. To show them appreciation

If you’re a parent, celebrating Grandparents’ Day with the help of your children will teach the young ones that you are appreciating their grandparents, and so should they. It could also be a chance to show your parents that you acknowledge their contribution as well for helping you raise your children. 

4. To teach the next generation to value their elders

Supporting this celebration will help the younger generation appreciate their elders and show them respect. Our grandparents spent their lives creating the future that we are living in. They helped shape the culture and traditions we have now. Spending time with them will help the next generations to have a better perception of life. 

If you’re a parent, teaching your children to value the wisdom of their elders will help shape their emotional quotient (EQ) and social skills. They may learn more when they view life from a wise old person’s eyes. 

5. To thank your community elders

While you might think that Grandparents’ Day is just a holiday created by commercial businesses for profit, it is actually all thanks to a woman named Marian McQuade. She pushed this idea because she saw how the old citizens are getting forgotten at nursing homes. She wanted to bring awareness to their situation and help them get the attention they deserve. 

Our veterans, or old people in general, are the foundation of the community. Visit a nursing home and have a chat with them. They will surely appreciate your company. 


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