What are the Top Five Wedding Trends for 2019?

What are the Top Five Wedding Trends for 2019?

Planning your wedding this 2019? Want to follow the latest trend? Check out the top hits of this year!

1. Playful designs

The days of the plain old white gown are almost over. Nowadays, playful patterns and designs dominate. Last year, we saw the surge of polka-dotted gowns, while some go avant-garde and use asymmetrical cuts. Many brides have also gone the practical route, wearing simple crop tops as they walk down the aisle. Color explosions will also be a thing, especially since Pantone announced the cheery coral tone as this year’s go-to shade.

It’s not just the brides, too — grooms are also experimenting with different feature-suits, with different patterns and fabrics!

2. A blast of an experience

Since destination weddings became a thing, the ceremony has become more and more uprooted from its traditions. Now, technology is making its mark as weddings start veering towards the theatric. Imagine brides walking on a sea of fog towards the altar, and exits highlighted by smoke bombs of all color. Imagine receptions steeped in an AR experience, and F&B sections starring edible art.

This year’s weddings will not simply be Instagrammable events — they will be complete experiences!

3. “Is that the wedding cake?”

Wedding cakes always take the cake, so to speak. But this 2019, more and more of these centerpieces will turn into edible masterpieces instead of the traditional thirty-something round layers. Asymmetry is also the trend, with different colors and textures dominating.

4. Lighting is life

Lights used to be a simple footnote, until people realized they’re vital to getting good wedding footages. Now, light leads the way as the primary rental service. Not only can lights set the mood and tone, they can also be decked in various guises (lanterns, lamps, LED strips, candles, etc.) to serve as accessories for the event.

5. Copper is king

With the infinite variety of wedding themes available, is there something versatile enough to act as a go-to material? Yes! Copper’s unique hue makes it a perfect fit for almost all kinds of themes, from steampunk to classic. Time to find those copper table and chair rentals!

Of course, all these are just external factors. The best weddings are determined by the people in it, not the accessories. But following these trends certainly wouldn’t hurt, if you’re going for a wedding that will be forever etched in memory!


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