Creating a Wedding Website to Store Your Precious Memories

Creating a Wedding Website to Store Your Precious Memories

Of course, you’d want to share your wedding journey to friends and family. These days, instead of just having the traditional photo album, you can opt to go digital and share your wonderful memories online.  

You can choose to share via social media, or create your very own wedding website where you can add many features and make it an interactive viewing experience.

If you’ve decided to have a website, instead going the social media page route, here are the things you need to do. 

1. Choose if you want a free domain or a paid one. 

While free sites are great for the budget conscious, they are sometimes limited when it comes to features. Custom domain address usually only come with premium sites that range from $12 up to $100. Several sites offer quite a substantial amount of features without compromising the quality and look of your site, and they come with just a few snags. 

You’d have to sit down with your partner and decide which features you want and need to be included on your wedding website as well as how much you will be allotting for it. Consider choosing a site that can link your guest list to your registry for easy management. 

2. Stick to your wedding theme and colors. 

Depending on your domain, you’d have some options for themes. It is recommended if you use the theme of your upcoming wedding. This will let your guests know what look you are going for, helping them when picking out how formal their attire will be.

If your chosen site does not allow for customized themes, you may simply choose a color palette closest to your motif. 

3. Curate the information to be uploaded. 

Since your wedding website will mostly be accessed by guests (if it’s not public at all), you’d have to make sure that your information is safe. Some of the information you should consider posting are:

  • the wedding venue details
  • the date and time of the ceremony and reception
  • your contact details 
  • your mailing address (for gifts not in your registry)

If it’s possible to protect your site with a password, it is recommended to do so to prevent problems. 

4. Make it special and personalized. 

Use features that lets guests share the photos they took on your wedding. You can also set it up so that it will display messages from your guests for you and your partner. Some sites even have a timeline feature so you can share your adventures in planning the wedding. 

If it all seems complicated to you, or you don’t have the time to make a website and would rather have a professional do this, you can contact a web developer to do your wedding website.


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