Wedding Planning Timeline Part I: The Wedding Rentals and Venue

When planning a wedding, the general rule of thumb is the earlier you start planning, the easier the process will be. Notice, we didn’t say that early planning results in a “better” wedding — in fact, the length of time you take to plan your wedding has nothing to do with it being a “good” wedding. However, early planning will give you the pick of the venue and vendors you want, especially if you are getting married on a Saturday in spring, early summer, or around Christmas Time (all popular times for weddings).

With all that said, most couples spend about a year planning their wedding. Today, we want to give you a general wedding planning timeline that may help you get organized and think about the big picture when it comes to your special day. And don’t worry, if you are only a few months out and haven’t done much planning, that’s okay! There’s no right or wrong way to plan a wedding and there will always be vendors and venues available last-minute.

As your premier wedding rentals vendor in Virginia, we would love to be a part of your wedding! Whether you need wedding table rentals, a big white tent, linens, chair rentals, sound systems, or any other rentals for your big day, we’ve got it. Be sure to check out all of our wedding rentals, especially if your wedding date is quickly approaching! In the meantime, keep reading to see what planning tasks you need to check off and when.

One Year Wedding Planning Timeline

10-12 Months Before

The Guest List

This should be the first thing you do when wedding planning. Start this as soon as you get engaged. The number of people you invite will largely be based on your budget. If budget is a concern, then keep in mind that a small budget wedding will typically have around 50 guests or less, whereas big budget weddings might invite several hundred.

Sometimes you might have to be harsh with your guest list. Start with immediate family who you want there: parents, siblings, and grandparents. Then add close friends before extended family. While Great Uncle Todd might be blood, if you have to choose, your best friend since pre-school might make you happier to have at your wedding. After your must-have friends are on the list, then add extended family members. Finally, if there are leftover spots add close acquaintances to the list. Oh, and don’t forget about plus-ones!

The Plus One Dilemma: Here’s where it gets tricky. Who gets a plus one and who doesn’t? If you have plenty of room in your budget to double your guest list, then feel free to give everyone a plus one. However, this usually isn’t the case. Traditionally, if you have married friends or family they should be invited as a couple. If you have guests in committed relationships, then typically you will give them a plus one. Giving single friends who are not in a relationship a plus one is optional. Consider this: if you are only inviting a handful of single people, it might be best to give them a plus one so they can feel more comfortable. However, if you are inviting, say, twenty-five single people, then they will most likely mingle amongst each other at the wedding.

Choosing The Date And Booking The Venue

After you have a good estimate of how many guests will be there, it is time to choose the venue and date. The more flexible you are with your date, the more venue options you will have as Saturdays fill up fast! When choosing your venue, consider if you want an outdoor or indoor wedding. If choosing an outdoor venue, ask if they have a backup hall where you can have your reception if it rains, or if you will need to rent a tent for your wedding. Some venues will offer tables and chairs, but others will require you choose a separate vendor for all of your table and chair rentals. Keep this in mind, especially when it comes to the budget. If a venue is at the top of your budget but it includes all of the necessities, then you can make it work. If you’ll have to pay for tables, chairs, linens, and the works, you might need to choose a less expensive venue.

8-10 Months Before

Reserving Wedding Rentals

While Signature Event Rentals will always do what we can to make sure you have a perfect wedding, even if it means getting last-minute wedding rentals, we suggest reserving them as early as possible so you know you won’t be stressing later. If you are having a wedding in Virginia, we would love to be your go-to wedding rental company. We have pretty much everything you’ll need and more, so be sure to shop around our site and give us a call if you’re looking for anything specific as our inventory is always updating.

Go Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning for brides. Be sure to shop early enough so you have time to order your dress and make any necessary alterations.

Organize Guest List And Send Save The Dates

Finalize your guest list, collect addresses, and mail out save the date cards as soon as you have your venue booked and your date finalized. This is especially important if you are inviting guests from out of town as they will need to make travel arrangements.

Stay Tuned For The Rest Of The Wedding Timeline!

That’s all we have time for today. As you can see, there’s a lot of important tasks that need to get done in the first few months of planning. In our next blog, we’ll cover the rest of the wedding timeline and give you a few more ideas for how to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch! In the meantime, don’t forget to reserve the venue and those wedding rentals!

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