Wedding Jewelry Essentials

Wedding Jewelry Essentials


You already have your wedding dress but is now confused on how to accessorize properly? No worries!

There are only three important things to consider when choosing the jewelry you’re going to wear on your wedding day. 

1. Your gown

You have to make sure that your jewelry complements you and your dress. Your jewelry has to match your dress’ theme and style. 

Before deciding on your necklace or earrings, consider the neckline of your dress. Research on what kind of necklace goes best with your wedding gown’s neckline. Most gowns have strapless tops or off-shoulders. The best jewelry for those are big pieces, since there is plenty of space to cover. If your dress covers most of your neck, it’s best to forgo the necklace and just go with some statement earrings. 

2. Your hairstyle

Another thing to consider is how your hair will be done on  your wedding day. If your hair will be down, it might cover up any dangling earrings so it’s best to just have a simple one. Relatively, if you have long hair, a simple necklace might get covered up. 

If you will have an up-do which will show your neck and your ears, you may choose to wear something prominent. Just make sure not to wear flashy pieces for both necklace and earrings. Just choose one to show off and keep the other one simple. This is to make sure that there is only one focus on your ensemble and that they don’t drown you out. Any other jewelry should just highlight and complement it.

3. Your skin’s undertone

When styling, it is a usual practice to wear jewelry complementing your skin’s undertone. It’s important to know yours so that the pieces you’ll be wearing doesn’t make you look older than you actually are, or pale and sick. 


Of course, these tips are not the end all, be all of styling. You should still check what looks good on you and consider what feels comfortable to you. These are just basic guidelines on wedding jewelry that you can follow if you have no idea where to start. 


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