10 Fun Wedding Facts to Think About

10 Fun Wedding Facts to Think About


Planning for your wedding? Whether you’re a June bride or an early bird who likes to get preparations finished early, now is the perfect time to get started on planning.

But first, read up on these fun and cool wedding trivia that might inspire (or at the very least, amuse) you. 

  1. In the US, Hawaii is the top dream honeymoon destination. It’s the most searched-for place for couples planning their getaway.
  2. Speaking of Hawaii, it’s the second most-frequented wedding destination, too! Over 25,000 weddings are held there annually. The top spot, however, goes to Las Vegas with a whopping 100,000 weddings a year.
  3. There is also no US ruling (of any nature) that dictates the wife must take the groom’s surname! The fact that most brides do is mostly public consensus, since over 70% of the surveyed American public agree this is the right thing to do.
  4. The top wedding regret seems to be spending more on reception entertainment, as almost 100% of surveyed couples stated. It turns out that during planning, this was the least priority — the wedding gown came first and foremost.
  5. Speaking of wedding gowns, did you know that it was Queen Victoria who popularized the color white as a wedding color? White has been used for gowns before, but not as widely as when she wore it.
  6. In the US, a mind-boggling 17 tons of gold are turned to wedding rings every year!
  7. This ring is worn on the fourth finger of the hand since the ancient Egyptians believed the ring finger has a direct vein leading to the heart
  8. Most wedding guests in the US still stick to throwing rice on the couple, as a symbol of prosperity and fertility. In other countries, the custom is a bit different. French guests, for example, throw wheat. Sicilians throw bread and salt. English people throw pieces of cake, while those in Bulgaria throw figs! These are the foods related to prosperity in these individual countries.
  9. The aforementioned custom traces its lineage to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who threw nuts and other seed-bearing plants.
  10. More and more American couples are looking for alternatives to the traditional bouquet toss. This custom began from the ancient belief that a bride’s belongings (back then, pieces of her gown) could be kept as good-luck tokens.


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