The Big Wedding Debate: DIY Planning or Hire a Wedding Planner?

When planning a wedding, going DIY and not hiring a wedding planner is certainly the road less travelled. Of course everyone would want their special day to be as perfect as possible, and a wedding planner usually is the go-to person for this.

But going DIY and hiring a wedding planner both have their own merits. What you choose would depend on your individual needs and preferences.

You could go DIY if…

  • If you have budget concerns. If money’s tight, wedding planner fees could be better spent elsewhere. Hiring an expert is expensive, often requiring non-refundable deposits and other extra costs. In fact, the fees could go up to a fifth of your wedding costs! Instead, you can use the money to rent more tables and chairs, invest in good decor, and find a topnotch catering service for the reception.
  • If you have a lot of time in advance. Like in any preparation, time is your friend for your wedding. If you think you have enough time to handle everything from getting quotes to handling deliveries and setup, then you can go DIY and save yourself money. A bonus benefit in doing DIY is that you have complete control over every aspect of your wedding

You should hire a wedding planner if…

  • You don’t have an idea where to start. Wedding planning is a difficult profession because it can be complicated. If you don’t know where to rent your tables and chairs, or where you could get talent and other materials, then a wedding planner’s expertise is just what you need.
  • If you’re short on manpower and you don’t have anyone else to rely on. Family and friends are perfect resources for weddings, but if there isn’t enough of them to handle what goes on behind the scenes, they may end up not being able to take part in the wedding at all!
  • If you want family and friends involved but need to free them up for the big day, you may want to consider relegating the more important parts of the event to a wedding planner. You may, of course, still keep their services to a limited degree, especially if they have some specialty you can use!

What do you think is best for you?


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