Tribute to Mom: Happy Mother’s Day!

Tribute to Mom: Happy Mother’s Day!

Motherhood is a mission impossible. It’s a path that once taken, one can never leave. It’s a lifelong oath, to spend one’s years and moments caring, nourishing, and cherishing.

We are often told that “mothers will do anything for their children”, but it’s not all the time that we recognize just how true this is. Think about it — what are the things you’re concerned about right now? When we were children all we ever thought about were school, friends, maybe a budding relationship, and our dreams of the future. As adults, the little things start creeping in — a job, the long commute, paying off a loan, establishing social and romantic ties… our lives revolve around these things.

But when was the last time you craved a warm hug, or an idle conversation? When did you worry that you wouldn’t have a room to retreat to and rest after a long hard day? From childhood to adulthood, these are the things we rarely care about. That’s because someone has already taken care of these.

Mothers are heroes in the shadows. They are the ones who work constantly in the background, so we can bask in the spotlight. They are the ones who would move heaven and earth to make ends meet, to make sure we are well-fed and clothed, to make sure we achieve our dreams. They are the ones who are ready to sacrifice themselves in every way, giving themselves to constant work and hardship so we do not have to experience the same.

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When was the last time you gave thought to the countless minutes they spent planning the household budget, the countless times they spent doing the same old household chores and errands, just to keep everything in order?

Most importantly perhaps, mothers are our tireless supporters. They are the bright smiles in our dark moments, the wise words in the midst of a problem. Think about how much of today’s comforts can be attributed to the sacrifices they made yesterday!

This Mother’s Day, maybe we can give them a slice of the comfort they had to forgo as they raised us.  Most of all, maybe we can give them that heartfelt thanks we tend to forget for the rest of the year!

Happy Mother’s Day, mom! Thank you for everything!  

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