Top 5 Tips on Planning Awesome Community Events

Top 5 Tips on Planning Awesome Community Events

Community events like street fairs, outdoor festivals, fundraising or charity events, are meant to be both fun and heartfelt. Ideally, all participants work towards a common goal.

It’s important to plan carefully to ensure the event’s success. Also, you don’t want unpleasant surprises along the way.

Here we have a few tips to make sure that the event is a success and that everything goes smoothly.

1. Get your committee ready

The first thing you should do is form a capable team to help you oversee the whole event. Ideally, this team or committee should include people who have significant experience in organizing events, whether it’s a charity event, a community celebration or a commemoration. There should be a comprehensive list of tasks and a clear delegation of functions to cover everything needed on the day of the event itself, as well as before and after the occasion.

2. Secure permits

Secure all necessary permits for your community event. Have someone take charge of consulting local officials to know what specific permits and licenses you need for your event. That someone will also be in charge of processing and securing those permits.

3. Think fun

Community events may be driven by a specific goal, but it will be better for everyone if there’s also a good dose of fun.

Rally the community to attend and participate in the event. Make teaser announcements a week or two before the event to build up excitement.

Think of ways to brighten up the event setting, such as adding some decors to the chairs and tables or thinking of other gimmicks. Make sure your vendors and suppliers know exactly what you will use their services for, and maybe they can provide suggestions on how their products could help hype up the setting.

Icebreakers, entertainment numbers, or similar activities may also work well, depending on the event.

4. Prioritize everyone’s safety

Make sure that safety is at the top of your priority list! Community events have lots of people doing different things at the same time, so it’s important to make sure all your equipment, as well as rented tables and chairs, are well-suited for the activities. Then you have one less thing on your mind as you go through the event.

5. Don’t forget the follow-up

What happens after the event is just as important as the event itself. Send out satisfaction surveys, and find ways to measure how well the event lived up to its stated goals.


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