Three Tips for a Terrific Company Event Turnout

Getting ready for a company event? Aside from sending text and email blasts and posting flyers everywhere, get the best possible turnout by using these three tried and true tips.

1. Involve the attendees in the planning phase.

Asking for input turns passive attendees into stakeholders in the company event. Let them have a say on where and how it should be arranged. Why not take a poll on what should be served, and how things should be generally carried out? You don’t need to be detailed there, just a few questions towards the general flow of the event will give you an idea in making the event one which people would actually want to go to.

If possible, give them a hand in choosing the place and time as well. This is particularly important for a company whose employees have varying roles, shifts, and locales. This will let you know which combination of places and dates/times will attract the most attendees.

2. Give it a purpose.

People are more likely to go join an event when it has a purpose that resonates with them. It doesn’t have to be deep or profound, but an event that has to do with charity or social responsibility could attract more people than a simple event just for an event’s sake. Whatever the purpose of the event is, make sure to advertise it well, too!

3. Reward employees for joining.

This is a staple in key events. You could reward attendance by giving everyone a shot at winning prizes through a raffle. Or, you could reward the first hundred or so attendees with exclusive company merch. By giving out prizes or goodie bags, you cater to the idea of instant gratification by giving people something just for showing up.

The true success of an event is measured not only by how smoothly it goes, but also how many people are there to participate. So while planning all the logistics and driving all the committees, make sure to take these tips into account.


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