5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

Of course you’re excited to go book vendors for your dream wedding. But hold on! Don’t go rushing through a list of vendors that friends and family recommended.

Choosing your wedding vendors is one of the things you should take time to think through and discuss with your partner.

Here are some of the tips you should definitely consider to get the best wedding vendor or service provider.

1. Conduct interviews and check for chemistry.

You can compare this vendor search with dating, where you date first before going steady. Get references and call those numbers. Don’t be shy to ask lots of questions. 

Having said that, make sure that you talk to clients whom they recently helped. It wouldn’t matter if they made a bride happy way back in 2000, as most likely, they’ve re-staffed since then.

Although recommendations prove that they are good, you should never hire all of the same vendors that a friend did. You don’t want to have a copycat wedding that’s too similar to someone else’s.

2. Lay down your expectations.

Prioritize and budget for the most important aspects of the wedding. Once you’ve set a budget and have put together a plan, you can now lay it down for your potential vendors. The best vendors are those who would try to work around your wishes and your budget. Vendors should try to suggest, and you should be open to these suggestions. But don’t be afraid to state what you want. It’s your wedding after all.

3. Negotiate (and if needed, haggle).

Don’t feel obliged to get a whole package if you do not want to. Vendors usually have packages where some items might not be as important or even fit for you. Know that you can always decline them.

4. Ask for a contract and an official receipt.

You should expect a contract sent to you. If you don’t receive one, it should raise a red flag. Also, double check what’s written in the contract before signing. It’s better to meet up and sign it face-to-face. You should also expect a receipt for your payments to protect both parties from future issues.

5. Consider what your instincts tell you.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking and dealing with a certain vendor, go with your gut. You don’t have to seal the deal with them. Reflect on your first impressions of the potential vendors. You can also observe how they behave amongst themselves. Are the staff bickering in the back? Is the officer-in-charge listening to you and actually taking notes of the things you say? A band who invites you to check them out at a wedding should raise some red flags, as they might invite strangers to your wedding, too. The little things will reveal their work ethics and standards.


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