Throw A Super Cute Gender Reveal Party

When it comes to finding out the sex of your baby, for a long time, there was no way to tell until the baby was born. After ultrasounds became more high-tech, you could potentially find out whether you would be having a little boy or a little girl before the baby was born, but it was not uncommon for the doctor would be wrong. These days, you can usually find out the sex of your baby before the end of the first trimester! The accuracy which doctors can now determine a baby’s sex has made it even more fun to let all of your friends know “what you’re having.”

These days lavish “gender reveal parties” have become trendy, with parents inviting all of their friends and family over for a big celebration. These parties have become more and more popular with the rise of social media and typically take place sooner than the baby shower. While a baby shower is a time for your friends to shower you with gifts, and still traditionally remain women-only, gender reveal parties are a great time for you to get together with your friends and have one last bash before the baby arrives.

Gender Reveal Ideas From Your Party Rentals Company

Signature Event Rentals has two fun gender reveal ideas we can help you with!

The Popcorn Gender Reveal

This one is super fun because the suspense will make the entire event so exciting. Start by renting a popcorn machine and handing your gender envelope to a trusted friend. Set up the popcorn machine per usual (add oil and kernels to the popping mechanism) and have your friend who knows the gender secretly add either pink or blue food coloring to the machine. Then have everybody gather round while the machine heats up. You’ll begin to hear popping and everyone will hold their breath as they wait for pink or blue popcorn to spill out of the top! Plus, everyone can treat themselves to some colorful and tasty popcorn after.

The Snow Cone Reveal

To do this one, start by renting a snow cone machine and purchasing a completely opaque squirt bottle (or paint a squirt bottle with black paint so you can’t see inside). Have your friend who knows the gender fill the bottle with a pink or blue colored snow cone syrup (blue raspberry or pink lemonade make great options). Scoop some shaved ice into a cone and squirt the syrup onto the cone, revealing the sex of your upcoming bundle of joy while indulging in a favorite childhood treat!

How To Decorate For A Gender Reveal

You have a few options here! You could choose gender-neutral decorations with yellows and greens, or you could decorate for both genders with equal parts pink and blue. If you choose our party rentals company to work with, you have a ton of options when it comes to colors for linen rentals, so be sure to add some of those to your wish list.

Foods To Have At A Gender Reveal

Gender reveals typically feature finger foods and desserts rather than an entire meal. If you choose to use food to do a gender reveal, hand over your gender envelope to a local baker who can create a tasty pink or blue cake with a thick layer of white frosting. When you cut into the cake and pull out a slice you’ll know what you’re having!

Need Party Rentals In Fredericksburg For Your Gender Reveal? We’ve Got Them!

Our Fredericksburg party rentals company has everything you need to throw the best gender reveal party! From table and chair rentals so everyone has somewhere to sit to colorful linen rentals, we have everything you need to help you decorate. We can also rent a sound system so no one misses the big reveal! Add your party rentals to your wishlist today to reserve them!

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