Three Tips to a “Living Coral” Party

Three Tips to a “Living Coral” Party

Living Coral, Pantone’s color of the year, is one of the liveliest Pantone colors to date. It is very versatile, finding use in both formal events and more carefree ones. If you’re looking for ways on how to integrate this with your next party, look no further! Here are some quick tips:

Coral food

You can’t serve actual coral, but the shade can be found in many food items, especially in fruits. Grapefruits and dragon fruits can come in living coral shades. It’s also the color of perfectly-cooked lobster, and cured meats. Salmon and pickled ginger are also in living coral. Pastries are much easier, since the magic of food color can turn living coral into a sweet shade.

Coral accents

Food is an interesting way to incorporate living coral, since it’s an eye-catcher. But don’t saturate everything in the shade as it can drown everything else out. If you’re opting for teacups in living coral, the saucer should be a complementary color instead (say, white). If plates are in living coral, contrast the tablecloth (and vice versa). You can even rent tables and chairs in living coral, bu make sure you don’t deck the floor in the same shades! Living coral works best as an accent, where it works its charm in drawing the eyes.

Use other coral colors

If you’re planning to use other colors aside from white to highlight living coral, it is ideal to make use of the other coral shades. Living coral is an orange-ish, pinkish shade and other related colors can lean to either end of the spectrum. Experiment on gradients that will help highlight living coral, but don’t use too many coral shades at once — this might confuse guests as to which is your living coral! Keep the shade in accents, but keep it dominant enough for easy notice.

Handling colors can be a tricky thing, especially if it’s not one we are used to incorporating everyday. But as Pantone claims, living coral is an inherently humanizing hue — that means we can trust it to give life to any party space so long as we carefully consider its use.


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